[POLL] Which AKB48 Girl Has The Most Gorgeous Hair

  May 24, 2015


What an intriguing blend of beauties we have before us!

There’re young goddesses who just started blooming as an idol, and there’re seasoned veterans who already have a lot of Senbatsu selection under their belts. As we picked candidates of this list from users’ submissions and them alone, you may see some up-and-coming studs whose names you’ve never heard of.

This list may not provide as thorough overall rankings as say Election, but there’s certainly a healthy mix of ages and styles.

Do you know a certain girl who has truly gorgeous hair missing in this list? Come on in, send us a message.

Everyone is welcome, as long as her hair is gorgeous in your eyes. And now, it’s time to put the group’s most beautiful hair into a definitive order.

Before You Vote: Comments our readers' sent to us with their submissions

fans of akb48

Kinoshita Momoka

Although dying your hair is partially frowned upon by management of the different AKB48 sister groups, and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I really do think Kinoshita sets herself apart with a very unique look. There are many other members with styles I personally prefer, but at least I can say Kinoshita’s hair makes her very unique in a good way.

Suzuki Mariya

She always has the most amazing hair whenever they release the new theatre portraits. Her hair this is is just.. O:

Kuramochi Asuka

Even from a girl’s perspective myself, from the first glance, her long hair is always neat, sleek and shiny. If I could, I would like to ask her for hair maintenance tips (lol)

Takahashi Minami

Back when she had long hair that stuff was to die for. It’s so sad it burned TT__TT

Whatever the length of her hair is, it looks beautiful and shiny whatever the hairstyle is. She dyes it, cuts it but her hair stays shiny and vibrant.

Kizaki Yuria

Yuria deserve to make a list because her hair is very straight and shiny and it looks very smooth, also her hair is most beautiful.

Tano Yuka

You have to see her dancing. the way her hair move, totally natural!! and no matter how fast she dance, her hair never gets messy.

Minegishi Minami

She’s not my oshi, but I’ve always loved her hair. When she shaved her head, I thought it wouldn’t grow back the same but it has! Her hair looks good, short or long, straight or curled. It seems so perfect and soft.