Sashihara Rino’s book – Gyakutenryoku – now in English!

  May 19, 2015
Sashihara Rino's book - Gyakutenryoku - now in English!

English speaking 48G fandom, rejoice!

If you’re a fan of Sashihara Rino – heck – even more reasons to rejoice!

The one and only Kenneth Uy from New School Kaidan has finished translating Sashihara’s Gyakutenryoku ( The power to turn the tide ) after 2 full months of blood, sweat and tears.

Now, I’m ( almost ) sure a minority of you readers with Japanese literacy at some point would have tried to translate a specific content from a 48G member to share with the rest of the fandom. G+ posts, member Tweets, 755 posts, blogs and magazine interviews – you know the deal.

But a book? A WHOLE BOOK?!

Would anyone even think of doing such thing in the first place?

But hey, Kenneth bit the bullet and stuck to his goals until the end. The staff at AKB48WrapUp would like to tip our hats off to Kenneth, and would also like to hope that his effort can spark something in individuals among the thousands of International fans spread across the globe to stop being passive and start contributing to the fandom!

You don’t have to start with a book – a small Tweet, a quick G+ post – anything counts!
There are fans like you out there that are dying to know what an actual member said but have no means to do so. You might be able to help!

Convince me to read it then!

Sure thing! Kenneth has kindly highlighted a few points that he really liked from the book, namely:

  1. Sasshi’s general outlook on things.
    One thing that stands out is she knows to deal with difficult situations in such a way that does not hinder her productivity
  2. People like Sasshi because she’s “one of us“, in other words, she is also an Idol wota – but she touches on her experiences with being an H!P wota which helped launch and maintain her career as an Idol.
  3. Sasshi has a sense of decorum and way of communication which enables her to build relationships that are essential for her career
  4. Sasshi has fluidity in her opinions and ideas, she will go for the ones that either works best in the present towards the future or the ones that are advantageous to her
  5. Sasshi’s “competitiveness“.
    Without spoiling the contents of the book, let’s just say that Sasshi has a unique way of competing with others.

From the aforementioned highlights, we feel that the book offers a new way of looking at how we can deal with relationships in real life, how to be productive, how to make smart decisions… It is as if the ‘true’ audience of this book might really be everyone else but idol fans! ( plot twist!? )

So without further ado – and again, let’s hear a big thunderous applause to Kenneth – here it is, Gyakutenryoku!

Sashihara Rino - Gyakutenryoku

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You can get Gyakutenryoku in other formats (EPUB/MOBI) from New School Kaidan’s blogpost – alternatively, you can purchase the physical copy of Gyakutenryoku from CDJapan.