Komiyama Haruka – The girl with the perfect smile

  May 18, 2015
Vote for My Oshi! - AKB48 Komiyama Haruka

Komiyama Haruka, also known as “Komiharu”, joined AKB48 as a member of 15th generation in June 2013. She was born in Chiba and her birthday is on September 12, 1998 – making her currently 16 years old.

Her theater debut as AKB48 Kenkyuusei was in June 2013. She impressed the fans with her energy and the fact that she was smiling during the whole performance.

Vote for My Oshi! - AKB48 Komiyama Haruka

Komiharu has performed more than 140 times in the AKB48 theater so far.

On February 24, 2014, she was promoted to Minegishi Team 4 at “AKB48 Group Daisokaku Matsuri / Grand Reformation Festival”.

Although she was one of the girls who joined recently, she was able to participate in the shonichi of “Idol no Yoake” in the unit “Zannen Shoujo“. So far, she performed it 83 times (out of 87 total performances) and she is the second member who has performed this stage more than other members in the Team 4.

Also, on March 2014, she was a regular cast on a program called “NHK Koukou Koza” for a one year period with two girls of the same generation. It was her first TV program.

Vote for My Oshi! - AKB48 Komiyama Haruka

On November 2014, UTB magazine released her first ever gravure. The popularity of this edition made UTB gave her another chance on March 2015 to follow up with a second one.

Vote for My Oshi! Campaign - Komiyama HarukaVote for My Oshi! Campaign - Komiyama Haruka

Komiharu’s first and second gravure on UTB Magazine

One month ago, Komiharu was given the opportunity to participate on “755xUTB Watch War” with important members of AKB48 Group, Furuhata Nao (SKE48) and Jonishi Kei (NMB48).

She came out third and the prize was “Self-produce gravure in UTB magazine”.

The three participants is scheduled to be on the cover of the June 2015 edition of the magazine.

Since her debut, she had some opportunities (gravure, AKBINGO!…), but they are few compared with other girls of her generation and juniors. So sometimes she has expressed her frustration about it.

Vote for My Oshi! - AKB48 Komiyama HarukaVote for My Oshi! - AKB48 Komiyama Haruka

In an interview, she said the kind of character she’s aiming to be is a “fisher” character.
She wants to be like Suda Akari or Watanabe Miyuki, but in reality, if a fan said to her at a handshake event, “Please fish me~”, she wouldn’t know what to do!

Vote for My Oshi! - AKB48 Komiyama Haruka

Komiharu's thoughts about this year's election

When she announced her candidacy for the 41st Single General Election, she said the rank that she is aiming for this year is 33rd (Next Girl’s center).

Komiharu knows it is an extremely high aim at this moment, but she is aiming high because she thinks if she is the center of Next Girls, many people will know her in the immediate future. Also, she thinks she has a chance for elections of this year!

For this year’s election Appeal Video, she is a cute angel~

“On 6/6 at the SSK, I hope I can rank and present my Komiharu smile and all my gratitude on the stage. Komi might still have a long way to go, but I’d like to aim higher with everyone, so please cheer me on! I’ll do my best!”

Vote for My Oshi! - AKB48 Komiyama Haruka

Komiharu’s 2015 Election Poster

Since her debut, she has always been working hard with a smile!

Vote for My Oshi! - AKB48 Komiyama HarukaVote for My Oshi! - AKB48 Komiyama Haruka

Komiharu’s catchphrase:
“Today, again with everyone… Komiharu smile! I’m delivering my Komiharu smile to you!”

Do you want to see “Komiharu’s smile” on June 6th?
Do you think she needs a chance for being known?

Please vote and keep supporting Komiharu!

Vote for My Oshi! - AKB48 Komiyama Haruka

Thank you ~

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