Minegishi Minami – The dethroned Gatekeeper of the Senbatsu

  May 17, 2015
Vote for My Oshi! - AKB48 Minegishi Minami

Minegishi Minami joined AKB48 as one of the founding member in October 2005. Since then she always has tried her best to increase her variety, singing and dancing skills. Soon she became famous for doing a excellent job in AKBingo and was called “Variety Queen”.

One of the greatest singers within AKB48

The original “Variety Queen”

Gatekeepers of Senbatsu, Tomomi Kasai, Minami Minegishi, Rie Kitahara and Yui Yokoyama

Before the first General Election, Miichan had became a member of No Sleeves ( no3b ), which boosted her career and established her in the Senbatsu. Her bound to KojiHaru and Takamina got stronger in this time.

Minegishi Minami and Takahashi Minami – best friends forever

Even after almost 7 years they remained as trio and do regularly radio broadcasts.

The girl next door

Currently Miichan is the no. 3 in all time being in the Senbatsu member with 34 A-Sides, right behind KojiHaru and Takamina. Despite she has always been busy, Miichan has the second most stage performances with 799.

Vote for My Oshi! - AKB48 Minegishi Minami

Still Miichan faced a tough time after Shukan Bunshun reported her sleepover with EXILE’s sub-group member and shaving off her hair ( which shook off the Entertainment world even outside Japan ).

She took the consequences without speaking to the management and unfortunately the scandal became even larger.

The year after this, she had dropped out of Senbatsu and stayed in Undergirls until today, but she gave never up!

Vote for My Oshi! - AKB48 Minegishi Minami

But she had a great restart with becoming the Captain of Team 4 and was like a big sister to the fresh faces of AKB48. In AKB48’s last Surprise Spring Team Shuffle, she got even a “little” promotion in being Captain of Team K.

For this 7th Senbatsu Sousenkyo she declared that she wants to join the Senbatsu for the last time and understanding her fans that it had been a tough time for standing up to be an Miichan oshi.


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Let’s support her for the last time and reward her for being in AKB48 for almost 10 years!

Vote for My Oshi! - AKB48 Minegishi Minami

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