“Hard work will definitely be rewarded. Vote for My Oshi! Campaign - Takahashi Minami I, Takahashi Minami, will prove this with my life!”

Takahashi Minami, also known as “Takamina”, is one of the founding members of AKB48 together with Kojima Haruna and Minegishi Minami.

Vote for My Oshi! Campaign - Takahashi Minami

Since AKB48’s debut, Takamina has always led AKB forward, earning her the name “Soul of AKB48”. She actually never aimed to be AKB48’s leader, but she just loved AKB so much that she began patrolling during her breaks, looking for members in need of help.

Thus, management recognized her leadership skills and officially made her soukantoku of 48G.

Vote for My Oshi! Campaign - Takahashi Minami

Some may not know this, but Takamina was actually the original center of AKB48. She centered all of the old AKB songs like Sakura no Hanabiratachi and Aitakatta.

But management eventually dropped her from center in favor of Acchan.

However, Takamina has never complained even once, and thinks only about helping AKB move forward. As AKB48’s soukantoku, she puts aside her own dreams so that she can help other members achieve their own.

Vote for My Oshi! Campaign - Takahashi Minami

But being soukantoku is an enormous task, and even though it increases her workload drastically, she is not paid more than what she received before she was Soukantoku. It also holds her back from participating in the sousenkyo with her full heart, because she feels that she should give up her position to the younger members.

Vote for My Oshi! Campaign - Takahashi Minami

At first, Takamina had a really good standing in the sousenkyo. But her rank slowly began to decline, and she eventually dropped out of Kami7.

Last year, her votes dropped by 10,000!

Takamina was clearly saddened by this, even though she always tries to focus on supporting AKB instead of increasing her own rank.

■   1st Senbatsu Election #5
■   2nd Senbatsu Election #6
■   3rd Senbatsu Election #7
■   4th Senbatsu Election #6
■   5th Senbatsu Election #8
■   6th Senbatsu Election #9

Takamina's True Feelings

However, at her first solo concert last April, Takamina finally stated her true feelings: she wants to be #1 in this year’s sousenkyo. Since she is graduating in December, this is her last chance.

She wishes to run this last time not as soukantoku, but as Takahashi Minami.

Vote for My Oshi! Campaign - Takahashi Minami Vote for My Oshi! Campaign - Takahashi Minami

This is Takamina’s last chance to get #1.

It’s also your last chance to reward her for all of the hard work and love she has put into making 48G a success. So please, cast your votes for her!

She will definitely push the group to even greater heights before her graduation.

Vote for My Oshi! Campaign - Takahashi Minami

Do you want to vote for Takamina but don’t know how?

Here are a few easy ways to contribute votes to her without actually buying the single:

  1. http://www.stage48.net/forum/index.php?threads/ssk-fundraising-campaign-for-takamina-yukirin-newly-added-usd-9-50-per-code-for-all-members.9151/
    ( Deadline May 21, 2015 – needs Stage48.net account to view )
  2. http://wen48.tokyo/post/115015383786/takamina­2015­sousenkyo­donation­project­i­posted
    ( can win prizes too! )
  3. http://takaminasuki.tumblr.com/post/116648512764/takahashi-minami-2015-general-election-fundraising ( Deadline May 19, 2015 )
Editor: It is your responsibility if you decide to take part on the Donation campaigns above – we’re sure that the initiators are all decent people and only want the best for Takamina, but AKB48WrapUp is not to be held responsible if anything should go wrong with any of the above campaigns – thank you for understanding.

Please keep supporting Takahashi Minami until the end!

Vote for My Oshi! Campaign - Takahashi Minami

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