Cryastal Kay To Join The Collaboration For the New Album of Far Eat Movement

  April 15, 2012

Yo this is FM, Kev Nish, Progess, J Spliff, DJ Verman, and… please welcoming our special guest! Ladies and gentlemen, Crytal Kay!!

Far East Movement, hailing from L.A, representing the clubby hip-hop music mixtured with urban American sound, is one of my most favorite music act in America. They toured Japan with Lady.Gaga, ‘Free Wired’ was one of the best selling album in the world as well as in Japan in the year of 2010-2011.
Every Asian American supports them since like JLin, they are forging the path no one ever walked before, Asians in the Main stage of America.
It’s announced Crystal Kay, who is our fellow Japanese (with Korean and American heritage), joins the next FM’s album “Dirty Bass” on sale 9th May.
She will be featured in the song titled “Where the Wild Things Are”. This is of course dream-like event for her, who like most of Japanese music acts, has been seeking for the chance to go big in US entertainment scene. These days as economy is in grim mood in Japan and in Europe, every Japanese see America, the land of opportunity just like many of Europeans. It’s none the different in music scene. We don’t want the long-existed curse of Domestic rule. Japanese can speak English fine. We can compete in global market not only in gaming or engineering industry but also in entertainment or literature or journalism world.

So happy Crystal Kay broke our conventional invisible barrier. “The moment I heard this offer, I was too excited and moved my body, dancing! It’s like a dream that my name is listed in the overseas artist’s record. I’m so happy I could achieve what I’ve dreamed since I was a child. I will make the most of this opportunity, and want to become more appealing artist in the global music scene.”

Source Natalie
Far East Movement (I don’t know who of FM commented this, but I guess all of three members are super nice to her) gave a statement which says “Her voice is really wonderful, and instilled the full energy of wild air to the song”

I can’t be excited more for this great breaking news that two of my favorite fellow artists are gonna collaborate together, you know, they literary bridging the pacific with their ever-go-beyond music.