Disney’s New Film ‘Brave’ Feat. Yuko As Main Voice Actress Dropped TV Ads

  April 20, 2012

It’s announced the commercial for “Merida to Osoroshi no mori (Brave)” is finished it’s production and starts TV airing tomorrow 21th Apr.
This commercial is filmed in advance to actual voice dubbing recording session, in which she will play a voice for the princess Merida. “She is a bold and hussy woman, but she also has brave and toughness. I think she has similar personality to me in term of being hussy. My mind is now totally Merida.” she said standing in front of camera.

In the commercial Oshima talks to audience key phrases of the film such as “Don’t spell the magic of Forest”. In the filming studio, built a huge lighting set to create the sunbeam through the leaves to render the mood of the forest, which has the significant meaning in the story.

As the photo-shooting progressed, she looked like being more into Merida-mode, feelingly said “I gradually come to realize I’m playing Merida.” She also paid a comment for coming voice recording session, “I feel a responsibility that I have to play Merida in good way, and I am getting tense. But I’ll do my best and enjoy the session.”

Source ChunichiSports

Disney already uploaded the commercial on their official website for the movie as well as the information for Quiz campaign for the movie along with a navigation movie presented by Yuko.

Update: Mynavi uploaded the special message (video) from Yuko on this upcoming film on their website.