Akimoto-sensei gives me cheer with the lyric in ‘Kimiha Bokuda’

  June 26, 2012

Maeda Atsuko “Around 20 yeas old is still a child for me.”

Maeda Atsuko, who announced her graduation from AKB48, the idol group that has risen to the fame of “nation’s favorite”. Now whole nation is paying attention to her next step after AKB48.
Meanwhile it’s announced she will play a heroine role in the upcoming movie “Kueki-Ressha”, the movie adaptation of Akutagawa-prize winning novel written by Nishimura Kenta. (will be released on 14th July) We asked her how she is feeling about her current situation as she started to walk the brand new path as “actress”.

—In the movie, you have a line which goes like this, “You’re young. You must have a dream.” What do you think about this phrase?

“Well, I think it’s a waste that we don’t live our lives without having dreams.”

—So do you have a feeling that you’ve realized your dreams???

“Of course. I do have a lot.”

—It’s after you joined AKB48?

“Yes…. Everything started from the moment I joined AKB48… Really, looking back from now, I have a lot. So I think dream is something we should bear in our heart, and you’ll lose chances in your life when you don’t have a dream. As for myself, I also want to keep having a lot of dreams.”

—Do you feel you are “young”??

“Yes. I think being around 20 years old, I feel this age is still a child “

She’s said that she will focus on acting. But she hasn’t yet suggested her goal as an actress. What inside her heart….. will be fully written on June 26 issue of  Shukan Spa.

Maeda Atsuko “Kimiha Bokuda” interview with Tower Records

—In one word, how do you describe  your latest song Kimiha Bokuda?

“This song is a themes song of Movie “Love Masao-kun ga Iku”. Akimoto-sensei wrote the lyric for the song based on the story of the movie.
I think his lyric such as “You are alright as you are” is Akimoto-sensei’s message for me, and I feel he gives me a supportive push with the lyric.”

—What is the difference from your debut single “Flower“?

“Difference?? The last one is mellow and tender ballad, but this song is mid-tempo.
At first we had an idea that we would go with ballad again, but because it’s a bright and cheerful movie, we chose this style. I think this is an easy listening, wonderful song.”

—Do you have your personal favorite part in the lyric??

“Maybe it’s too forthright, but I like the phrase, “Kimiha Bokuda (You are me)”.
This is sung in a hook line of the song, and it well describe the heart warming relationship between the dog, Masao-kun and Matsumoto-san, which is portrayed by Katori-san”


—By the way, do you like dogs? And have you met with Masao-kun in person?

“I love dogs. I have six dogs at my parents home. Now I’m living alone in Tokyo, but when I come back to my family’s home, though it’s not so often, it’s so nice to see them playing around me. But I’ve yet met Masao-kun. If it’s possible, I want to have an opportunity to meet him. (And she met him in TV show Kayoukyoku last week.)”

—What do you advise to people who want to sing this song Karaoke?

“I will be happy if you just enjoy singing this song.
Singing a lot, and you’ll have an idea of the worldview of the song, then you’ll have more fun to sing this song!!”

—As an actress, movie Kueki Ressha will hit the screen on July 14. Please tell us what kind of role you play and the story of the flim.

“I played a role of Sakurai Yasuko, a girl who works part time at antique book shop. She doesn’t appear in the original novel. Every characters in this movie more or less have their own unique quirks. I think Yasuko-chan also somehow has a peculiar personality. lol”

—The slogan of Tower Records is “No Music, No Life”. We would like to hear your “No XX, No Life”

“You mean things that I can’t live without?? Uhmm My favorite musics, movies, my pets, members, friends and Akimoto-sensei. These are things that are beside me, and things that I can feel relieved by being with them.”

—Last of all, please tell us your wishes for the future career.

“Singing is one thing, acting as an actress is another thing, anyway I want to take on various new challenges more and more.
I have been given an opportunity to sing songs that I really like, including couplings, so I will improve myself more so that more and more people will listen to my song.”

Google announced hot keyword ranking in the first half of 2012.

In the “Popular Person” segment, Sashihara Rino, who has transferred to HKT48 from Akihabara48’s HQ, AKB48 due to the alleged acandal, topped the ranking. Runners-up is Shioya Syun, an actor whose  handsome two-timing stole all media attention. 3rd is high shool girl singer, songwriter, Ieiri Reo. (Skip)