Ota Featured in EP6 of AKB0048 (and 3 other stories about Yukirin, Paruru and Goma-chan)

  June 4, 2012

AKB0048 (EP6) was damn funny

LOL You guys (Ota) are featured in AKB0048
And fighting together with 0048 lol

LOL How awesome your guys’ power level in this Anime is!!!

So is this episode supposed to serve as a gag???

So they aired the story of Anti fans at Hand-Shake events while “real” Kobetsu Shake-Hands event was held on the same day lol

It was really fun to watch this episode!!
I think it would be awesome if they incorporate battle scenes in every episode.

“Ota”…. so they didn’t candy-coat this straightforward word lol

This is the hardest I’ve ever laughed in this series lol

Missile-cyalume lol
So in this Anime, the power levels of characters are like this,
Ota>>> Security Gurads

Kazumi Urano on G+

“AKB0048 series is so cool~~~!

I want to make an appearance in this series!!
But… “Anti”………….. lol
It was a surprisingly direct depiction… lol”
“It was so~~~~ Funny~~~~ The ota’s scene was surrealistic lol”
How awesome Cindy is!
She checks out a wide variety of things.

A Typhoon is approaching and likely to land on Japan June 6th!!

Is this a sign of Kashiwagi-chan winning the election!?!?

I remember someone brought a Typhoon to her birthday celebration festival… lol

So the Typhoon will come close to Japan on 6th….
Kashiwagi-chan should ask her buddy Haachan to make Teruteru Bozu pray for good weather.

LOL That’s gonna make it even worse.

If she did that, the synergistic effect would bring historical heavy rain and wind..
Ota would be forced to stay at Budo-kan since all transportation would halt.
While live-streaming on Gugutasu would be down due to line failure…

You’re beautiful… Goma-chan (Shiori Ogiso)

Oh come on… she is like a queen of a legendary kingdom….

LOL She is too beautiful.

1st photo is stunning!

She is too good-looking… like a doll, isn’t she?

It’s nice.
She is gradually having more opportunities to get involved with this kind of work.
I hope other good-looking members such as Honoka Mizuno will be given chances for this kind work!

Hono-chan and Goma

Fan report of Paruru at Hand-Shake event attracts attention from fans

From twitter

I used 5 tickets fro Paruru at once.
Ota “Oh~~~~ you’re so cute.”
Paru “…”
Ota “Wait, your clothes really suit you as well!!”
Paru “…”
Ota “You’ve been featured in TV programs a lot lately!!”
Paru “…”
Ota “Like…. Music station and a lot of other shows…”
Paru “Because I’m Senbatsu…”
Ota “Yeah! I hope you will be a regular Senbatsu member!”
Paru “…”

Wait! If you want to share that tweet, then you gotta share this one as well. Otherwise, it will be considered Anti campaign.

Oh… so many people retweeted my tweet. But I have no intention to speak ill of her.
She is one of the prettiest idols I’ve ever met and shook hands with.
I…. think I’d better use only one ticket since I can’t expect to have conversation with her.
If you picture Mirei Tanaka (supergirls) being shy and rarely changing facial expression, you’ll get the correct idea.

It’s not that surprising…. she is always like this…

It’s almost like a torture…

As always, awesomely dull reaction of Paruru!

It’s already exceeding the level of dull reactions we usually talk about lol

He’d better see the bright side… She talked to him! He is a winner!

But since he tweeted this kind of text, he may not favor Paruru…

But because he bought 5 tickets just for her, it’s natural to assume he doesn’t dislike her, if not favor her.
But…. he may be feeling regret now….

The point is not whether he favors Paruru or not….
Think about it, if you received the same reaction from certain member when you used 5 ticket at once for her, then it’s difficult to overcome the temptation to share the episode with many people…. lol