Welcome to team B, Milky♥: Namba’s angle Watanabe Miyuki (Milky) debuted team B

  June 30, 2012
Nishiyama Kyoko
Anatamo Kyoude Milky Oshi!! Hora team B!! “Milky!!”
(From today, you’re Milky Oshi, hora team B~ “Milky!!”)

Nishiyama Kyoko

Thank to everyone, we successfully finished Milky’s team B debut Stage, Theater no Megami(*^_^*)
We welcomed a new goddess to our theater \(^o^)/\(^o^)/

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I have a question to Milky! How did you give berth to that famous word “ChapuChapu”?

Milky “After I had a sweat, what I’ll do next is ChapuChapu.”
Mmebers “LOL Natural airhead unveiled her true potential from the beginning!!”
Milky “No, this is actually a calculated gag! I’d wanted to say this since a while ago!”

Member experienced Milky’s fishing/flirting in person.
Suuchan “Please do ChapuChapu in front of me!!”
Milky “Well, then let’s do ChapuChapu together?”

This simulated mini handshake event (lol) was started when Nacchi talked about her fan she met at handshake event, who said to her “I went to meet Milky just then, but yeah….. I was almost fished lol”
What was funny about this was Suuchan, who played a role of fan was so pervert, I don’t know what kind of fan Suuchan was picturing lol

Chikano Rina

Well done Milky. (^O^☆♪
I enjoyed the performance today!!
I hope we can perform together again soon

Milky “I’ll do my best so that I can be MegaMilky(Goddess of theater)!”
There were “Milky” chants before the Encore!!

Masuda Yuka on her blog

She has completely blended in to team B!! Say Jurina, Milky…. how amazing they are that they learned the routine perfectly for such a short time!!
It looks like she had a huge pressure for this debut stage, and had teary eyes after the show….
It almost made me cry tooo~~~~~(T ^ T)
So she is now a member of team B while she is also a regular member of team N….
It’s surely gonna be though for her….. but…. you have Yuka! I will support you!!!
Milky fans! Please count on me!!\(^o^)/ I do my best for Milky(^^)

Suzuki Shihori on G+

Milky’s first performance in Theater no Megami Stage!!! Yoo Hooo!!!

Sato Natsuki

Nice job!! It was a really amazing time with you!
I was so much fun\(^o^)/
I hope we can perform together again soon. (^n^*)

Watanabe Miyuki on G+

I joined the stage of team B for the first time!
I have a lot of thing to tell you, so please let me wait until this excitement settled down!
Takajo Aki “Otsukare-sama♥”
Kinoshita Haruna “Otsukare-sama~( ^^)”

Harukyan: MILKY~~~ joined the Stage!!

Tomo~mi: Today was Milky’s first team B Stage♥, I think it’s hard to learn the routine in such a short time…. she is marvelous!!
Milky~ let’s be close to each other from now♥”

Yuttan: Milky-chan~~~~~!!! You are too cute~ I like you too much~~~ Yutta would almost go to meet you at handshake event~~~~!!! Please let me do ChapuChapu together with you♥

Myao: It was fun (^ω^) I hope we can perform with all 16 members of team B together soon!!

Mayuyu: Milky♥ Welcome to team B\(^o^)/
I’ve long been waiting for today, the day we can meet together♪
Milky is always soft and very cute♥
I’m really happy that this cute girl, Milky, has joined team B.
I’ve got so much inspirations from today’s stage. It’s a nice thing, isn’t it!!
New team B, we will move on! Please keep supporting us!!

Wakanyan: I touched Masuda-san during SukiSukiSuki…..♥。。。(//ω\\)
So like I heard about, Milky-san is good at fishing/flirting!
I was fished during the performance~~>_<♥ Kawaii....
If we have more chances to perform together, I will improve myself so that my performance will harmonize with Milky-san’s.

Yukarun: Today, I was the only KKS in the show….. and I couldn’t actively join MC etc…….. I feel frustrated with myself like this….
Anyway, today, Milky-san performed the Stage for the first time (in team B).
I will never forget what I learned from Milky-san, and hope I can utilize the lesson to grow, bit by bit, in my own way.
As I was given a chance to join today’s show, I could learn various things, and I’m so happy about it.
Thank you so much as always.

Milky: I was able to finally have my Shoinichi in team K’s stage thanks to many people’s support.
Thank you, thank you so much♥
Thank you for your warm cheers and smiles!! They gave me a power!!!
It’s a pleasure that I can be doing my stage with you all.
from Theater no MegaMilky.

Kitarie: WELCOME ♥ Milky~♥♥
Today, team B is born again!
Team B will power up more and more! This is my wish~~~~((*6ω6*)) (↑ I can’t write this Kaomoji from PC 😛 )

KK: Today was Milky’s Shonichi♥ She is too cute!!! Milky~♥

Amina-tan: Milky appeared in B5th!! I’m so much impressed by her all-out endeavor to make it in such a short period!! (゜∀゜’)  But it’s not surprising because it’s Milky, isn’t it!! Next time, hope she will be with Komori and Yukirin, too!!

(Her amazingly beautiful handwriting!!)

Suumelo: Milky had come to team B!! Welcome\(^o^)/ Irraisahimase~~♥
I glanced at her many times as she is cute☆
Stage performance was also fun!!
I will try my best next time, too \\(^ω^)

Nacchi: Welcome!! Milky~
Personally, I was looking forward to Today’s stage!! So I’m so happy that I could perform Milky’s Shonichi Stage in team B together with her!! Milky~♥ I’m looking forward to get closer to you♥
P.S I will do ChapuChapu when I back home today.

Shihori: Today, Milky…. Oops, Waruky♥ made her first appearance in team B’s Goddess Stage~ Welcom~♥
I could talk to her during MC, and she showed off her “ChapuChapu natural airhead”!!
She is as old as me, so I hope I can become closer to her and inspire, grow each other♥ Thank you so much~~~~~!

Mariyanne: We wrapped up today’s Stage~~~!! Today was all about Milky~♥ Congrats!
Shonichi!! We all welcomed her!! Milky is such a fisher/flirter(^ω^)♥
I will become Waruyanne, too! lol
So… today’s stage was fun, too!! Thank you so much!

Chikarina: Today, Milky made her first Stage performance as a member of team B!!
It was soooo fun!!
I hope we can meet together on Stage, soon!!