Majisuka Gakuen 3 (マジすか学園3) EP01 “They’re also serious here as well” ~Thoughts and Impressions~

  July 14, 2012

Shimada Uruse~yo! (Shut up!)

So Kitahara even didin’t have a name for her character!?
She is “a female prisoner” in the ending credit lol


So who will play a role of Nobunaga?

Because it’s called Nobunaga, I think it will be someone from SKE.
Probably Jurina.

Because Nobunaga is the famous warlord of Aichi pref. I think someone from SKE will play this role.

・Unrealistic action
・With Paruru at the head of the list, everyone’s acting is poor and monotonous
But if you turn a blind eye to these points, I think this is an interesting Drama.
Though opening footage is too grim and kinda make me feel depressed….

Yuria, Kawei, and Kanon were so cute
And Paruru has her own charm (Poor acting)

So what the source of this name, Da~Su~??
I can only think of Suda Akari.

The drama was worse than what I had imagined
Absolutely no actress will be born from these members in this Drama, though perhaps we’re still able to manage to stand to see the story.

Just hearing Kitahara’s Heavy Rotation made me satisfied.

Probably Paru is one of the strongest characters in this Drama, then it’s hard to figure out where this Hebo3 are positioned
Abe Maria and Shimada are probably decently strong.

Acting skill
Yagami >>>Kanon>Kizaki>etc.>Shimazaki

We can expect future episodes as they are more serious into making this series than Majisuka 2.

In episode 1 of Majisuka 1 with the scene of when Maeda suddenly changes her character/personality and hit Horumon, who became bloody afterward, I find that this scene is great. Compared to Majisuka 1, Majisuka 3 is bad in terms of story, direction and acting.
Even in Majisuka 2 that is considered as rubbish, Jurina vs Rena in episode 1 made me so high….

That doll’s acting was the best

It’s better than what I had imagined
Even better than the 1st and 2nd

It’s alright to be expecting progress, right?
Right, isn’t it?

Speaking of acting skills, it was completely
SKE force >>>>>>>> AKB force

So we could listen to Kitahara Rotation (Heavy Rotation by Kitarie), and what else you can ask?
Please air live vocal of Kitahara Rotation in every episode.

Episode 1 even ended without knowing what the story wants to tell.

Only Kawaei’s acting was decent but other team 4 members acting were dangerously poor….
Though Shimada is alright just by shouting “Uruse~yo”!!

I think this is the story that metaphorically depicts the reality of members below Under girls who catapult Senbatsu members to top positions, and so Senbatsu members will appear one by one as their enemies in every episode?

At this point, it won’t be interesting unless all members of team Mangoose will be HKT48.

I don’t know why, but I suddenly get intense craving for Majisuka1. Not 2 but I want to watch 1!!

BY no means Yuria’s acting was so good that it deserves AkiP7s raving review as far as I saw.
Or I should say her lines in this episode were almost all explanations.

Because the screenwriter of this Drama is a man behind Kamen rider, this first episode left tons of foreshadowings lol
It was interesting for me.

Kuumin was so scary…
If I was extorted by her on a street, I would hand her my wallet, crying.

Yuria’s acting was decently good.
Kuumin was a bit disappointing. Maybe I expected too much from her.
And…..Shimada…… That ‘Uruse~yo’s’ strange.(??) (・he is talking about Shimada’s line “Uruse~yo(shut up)”, because Shimada is famous for being loud and noisy, he wants to retort to her.)


I was surprised that Yuria and Ricchan (Kawaei Rina) were such good actresses!!

As for acting, I’m like “…” but the story is interesting.
We should think this is a different thing from the previous series. 

I’m afraid that this story won’t have much comical factors (or scenes?)….

Majisuka 2’s final episode was awful….. but its opening, over Yankee Soul never failed to make me high.

It’s no longer Gakuen Drama (School Drama)….

We can expect that Yuria would be a final boss behind, can’t we.

Certainly Yuria is suspicious as she is too good of a person lol

By the way, it looks like we only complain about their acting.We don’t talk about what was boring or dull, too.

Because the scenario that -being caught, tortured by female prisoners – is too much of a commonplace.

I think it’s too early to let team Habu fight against Paru before they depict how team Habu is actually strong.

Whatever, we have no choice but to force the story progress in an erotic way with that police baton.

As we expected, like in previous series, memento-like stuff has come out.

Why in the world is both the OP and ED theme songs nonsensically grim?

Or Nobunaga might be Gekikara lol
She is from Nagoya, and it makes sense that she plays a crushingly strong character.

Who will play Nobunaga’s role?
the favorite Jurina
a rival: Unagi
darkhorse: Mariko 

But why did they need to make the theme song have so much blues?

What I’m interested in now is the past of Nobunaga and Paru.
And who will be in the enemy team.

In Majisuka 1, as early as in the 2nd episode, Kabuki Sisters that exuded full of eccentricism came up in the story.
I think it will be difficult to keep the story intriguing unless top level members is guesting the show one by one in each episode.

What Paruru-san searching is either
・Way to jailbreaking

Perhaps the story will progress like this: First, Shimazaki defeated Mangoose, and then crush the team whose name came up in this episode?
Probably Nobunaga won’t be a topic that last that long.

Nobunaga: Only a back figure
Team Mangoose: Only below the necks
The 2 people in the preview: Only back figures, the left one would be Lemon?
We’d better start with figuring out these things.

I checked it in slow motion.
The pair appeared in the last are: Suumelo in the right and Lemon in the left.
The girl who appeared only for a moment was Mitsumune.
I’m 100% sure.

There’s no Sumire right?
Because she crushed her throat and looks like she’s doing nothing but Anime AKB0048 work.
As long as I look at google+ today, Ichikawa is talking about somebody else’s problem too

7 members of Mangoose are,
Almost certain : Ichikawa
Somewhat final : Nagao, Suzuran, Kato
Slightly : Juri, Karen
Uncertain : Ogiso, Iriyama

It’s a rough guess but, don’t you feel like it’s continuing to tell us that Keita killer is in that prison?

So there’s no statement/knowing that Keita is dead?

In her recalled memory, Paruru is being mislead to kill Keita, I expect.

I LOL’d at this ridiculously gorgeous promotion footage of Majisuka1’s DVD aired after the Drama.

Personally I thought it was resembling Majisuka 1, but with different character and atmosphere
Shimazaki = Maeda
Kizaki = Nachu
Other team Habu’s mate = Maeda’s Shiten’ou
Mongoose = Rappappa
Feels like from what I predict