Take a sneak preview at AKB48 Next Gilrs election song in the commercial for Karaoke Joysound

  July 17, 2012

It looks like this song is better than Gingham Check.

I’m relieved that the song itself seems to be nice.

Because they said this is “Joi (female doctor) ver.”, will there be other versions?

Maybe we can have fun to discuss about which members look fine in doctor’s smocks and which don’t.

LOL so stethoscope has become a mic?!?

↑ LOL Female doctor goods!?!?

I’m happy that they chose Sakura-tan’s comment as she is the member who has a feeling of “Next”

Next Girls “ドレミファ音痴 (Do Re Mi Fa Onchi / Do Re Mi Fa Tone-Deaf)”….. What is this awful title…..

So members who can be the main vocal of the song in each group are like this?
Senbatsu: Mayuyu, Yukirin, Takamina, Kojiharu
UG: Sayanee, Okaro, Yuttan, Kuumin
NG: Wasamin, Nakayan, Myao, Haachan
FG: Harukyan, Ranran, Mikityi, Komorin

Don’t forget Furukawa…

It’s alright even if you’re not good at singing.
Let’s convey what you’re feeling now!
It’s okay that you can’t stay on key.
Your song is xxx

↑I think there is another song that has similar lyrics?

↑Lyrics are somewhat similar to SKE’s Nakama no Uta, though tune is totally different.

The problem is….. Who wants to get female doctor goods…..?