Maeda Atsuko’s theater entry parade has been canceled for security reasons

  August 23, 2012

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No way….! Even if it’s Acchan, there’s no way the event gather more than 500K people!!!

>But earlier in this month, when the celebration parade for Olympians was held in Ginza district, more than 500,000 people had gathered on the streets. It was far more than they expected.

This is very weird reason…..

Please, please don’t say “we are estimating about the same number of people to gather”, outside the AKB48 fan community….

Probably they’ve already planned to cancel this event?
The cancelation can be a big news anyway…

How can over 500K people will gather at Akihabara when only 200K applied to the theater performance….

So this management prioritized appeal to the public over fans sentiment that they were eager to see Acchan’s final moment….

This police are brainless…. How can one be so idiotic to make such a crazy estimation… lol

Police a: “So how many people will gather at AKB’s parade?”
Police b: “”Sir! They sell more than million copies for each single release, sir!”
Police a: “That’s too bad! We must expect more than 500K people will be there!!”

I think this is a preventive measure that “if” such a thing will get messed up, they are not sure about the securities of citizens and fans…. So they wanted to avoid to taking a risk even it’s small because this is about security….

This is how it looked like at one of AKB’s handshake event (around 70K peole)

And this is what happened in the victory parade after London Olympic