From 3:00~

Uhmmmm I thought he already had Paruru in mind….

Shimazaki is just one of members who plays Atsuko’s Under for existing songs.

Final Day of Tokyo Dome concert – Who was in the center position for the single songs during the Encore?

En4. Shojou Tachiyo – all members (Mayuyu at Atsuko’s position)
En5. First Rabbit – all members (Paruru as Atsuko’s position)
En6. Heavy Rotation all members (Jurina as Atsuko’s position)

Anyway, there’s no way that Mayuyu will NOT be selected for Center of AKB after Atsuko.

By the way, the next single will have 3 types, right?
I wonder if they will make 3 different version of MVs for each type featuring each of the three members.
….for example, like this.

TYPE-A Watanabe
Type-K Matsui Jurina
Type-B Shimazaki

But like what Yasusu said the next single will have “Cool” feeling, Jurina will have a huge advantage in this match…..

There’s no room to discuss about who will be the Ace of each team, because for team A, it’s a no brainer. Mayuyu will be Center. And Jurina for K.

But what about Team B?? Does Shimazaki deserve to be Center of team B? Or will Milky take over Mayuyu’s position?
As far as I could see in the Tokyo Dome concerts, it looked like Paruru has gotten more push from management,
But when you listened to Yasusu, he mentioned Milky lot more than Paruru.

Popularity, dancing and singing skill, in almost every aspect, Milky won against Paruru. But then when you look at Paruru, she has such an adorable look. In addition, there’re no strong candidates in AKB48 who can stack up to Paruru right now. So… yeah, it’s gonna be Paruru?

It’s not that hard to select Center for future songs. I think it’s a lot tougher to decide who play Centers for past songs…..

Of course Mayuyu will be the next Ace.
Why would they suggest Nakagawa and Oota to transfer to the groups based in distant places from Tokyo, and virtually put an end to Watariroka Hashiritai’s activities? Surely, it’s because they want to create the best condition for Mayuyu to be next Center.

HP Senbatsu

A Mayuyu, Annin
K Jurina, Mariyagi
B Paruru, Minarun

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I didn’t care much about Center thing,
but if they won’t select Mayuyu for Center of team A when they mercilessly separated MaYukirin apart,
I would curse Yasusu for the rest of my life.
If Mayuyu won’t be Center of team A, return her to team B!!!

Probably Akimoto intentionally leaked the name of next Ace that he has in mind, and tried to observe how fans react….. haha

I agree with you. Personally, I can’t help but believe that team 4’s breakup was already suggested when Miyazawa talked that team 4 is lacking “strong ambition to display outstanding performance on a stage”. BECAUSE IT WAS AN INTERVIEW BY BUBUKA.

Mayuyu, Jurina, Shimazaki and Milky…. Uhmmm I think this line-up lacks an impact somehow.
Maeda and Oshima can easily beat the 4 all together. Yeah, there’s a significant gap between these 4 and Maeda + Oshima.
Yasusu’s honest thought is more like “He can’t decide” because there’s no decisive factor” rather than “He hasn’t decided yet”…

01 07/13 *3.7% Kokonimo Maji ha aru
02 07/20 *2.3% Nakama no Shirushi
03 07/27 *3.1% Sorega Omae no Majinanoka
04 08/10 *2.0% 1 da~su no namida
05 08/17 *2.3% Watashi no Dachi ni Teodasuna!!
05 08/24 *2.1% Nobunaga Tojo!!

Average TV viewers rating
Majisuka1 3.67%
Majisuka2 3.73%
Majisuka3 2.62%

This pretty much tells how awesome the so-called Next Generation is!

I think from now on, it’s unlikely that AKB48’s center will be the same member as Team A’s Center
Like General Manager and team A’s captain is now separated, I think they try to divide various roles among multiple members rather than put huge responsibilities on one member.

↑I may have a different view.
Because team A’s Center is AKB’s center, now Mayuyu is in team A.
And because team B’s center is next generation’s center, Shimazaki is in team B.
And team K’s center is basically a rival of AKB’s center.
Considering Jurina is now team K, I think this structure won’t change.

Manatsu no SG! “Semeru Mono” Senbatsu
2nd Watanabe Mayu
9th Matsui Jurina
19th Watanabe Miyuki 
23th Shimazaki Haruka
31th Kizaki Yuria 
54th Yamauchi Suzuran
56th Kimoto Kanon
58th Ichikawa Miori
-Out of the ranking
Iwata Karen
Iriyama Anna
Kato Rena
Kodama Haruka
Joe Eriko
Abe Maria
Kawaei Rina
Shimada Haruka
Takahashi Juri
Takeuchi Miyu

平均 50.11位(圏外は65位と換算) ※守る者は対象17名平均11.18位
Average 50.11th (Out of the ranking = 65th in this calculation)
While the average ranking of “Mamoru mono” Senbatsu (total 17 members) is 11.18th.

The 4th AKB Senbatsu General Election (Raking of Members who are now high school or junior high school students)

1 *9位 Matsui Jurina           45,747票 SKE
2 28位 Yagami Kumi         11,712票 SKE
3 31位 Kizaki Yuria            10,554票 SKE
4 33位 Iwasa Misaki         9,297票 AKB
5 35位 Mukaida Manatsu   8,552票 SKE
6 42位 Maeda Ami            7,168票 AKB
7 45位 Tano Yuka            6,694票 AKB
8 47位 Miyawaki Sakura    6,635票 HKT
9 49位 Mutou Tomu          6,428票 AKB
10 52位 Oota Aika             6,150.票 AKB
11 54位 Yamauchi Suzuran   6,027票 AKB
12 56位 Kimoto Kanon      5,982票 SKE
13 60位 Ogasawara Mayu     5,919票 NMB
14 64位 Komori Mika         5,398票 AKB

I watched Tokudane’s video.
Though it’s already spoken by countless of people, and  probably belated to say, but,
I think AKB will go with the system something like Morning Musume。 around the time when they released “ザピース!” had.
I mean, they picked Ishikawa for the next center but practically, it was Goto and Abe who played main roles for performances.
If it’s applied to current AKB, choosing a member who is dubbed the strongest candidate for next Center at Center’s position, and Takamina, Yuko for supporting her.
If they choose this system, it’s possible to choose members who lack the popularity needed to be Center such as Jurina and Paruru.
Even if they choose Mayuyu, I guess this system will be applied…

Yamasato Ryota (Yamachan): “Candidate for Next Ace is Shimazaki Haruka aka Paruru”

 translated by Tommy