NMB 6th Single (Ponkotsu) Kitagawa Kenji

  September 24, 2012


  1. KudoShinichikun says:

    LOL This is hilarious! Did Kitagawa Kenji win anything like NMB48 Janken Taikai or something? LOL
    Should i say: “I’m so happy that finally HE is getting a lot of recognition these days” LOL
    Well anyways, this song has a nice and upbeat feel, and the choreography is both funny and cute….
    Yuihan also blends along well the other members… Nothing to complain then… *Thumbs UP*

  2. NambaFans says:

    as an NMB fans, i… i… i can more happier that this!
    this epic song! & epic yuihan!
    hope yuihan also can appear in NMB48 Geinin! (^_^)/

  3. lobane says:

    Yeah glad to see yokoyama already there.
    But I think they better to hold release new single than release this one.
    Thank you Tom for updating this so fast :>

  4. angiepiteira says:

    Ohhh Yuihan!!! ^_^ So cute!!

  5. Kirito says:

    yui-han look cute in her clothes!!

  6. asudja says:

    as long as i could find “Kishino Rika”‘s name on the senbatsu list.. I don’t care about the title, lyrics, choreo, etc..

  7. cryt says:

    lol, their costumes is like MomoiroClo X Harajuku

    and congrats to Yuihan in her NMB debut and Aki-P shining spotlight on another staff of AKB empire with this new push, Kitagawa Kenji.