AKB48 Shinoda Mariko receives touching letter from Matsui Jurina at her birthday celebration

  April 1, 2013

If you are a fan of Mariko, you probably know that last year Mariko wrote a letter to Jurina for her birthday celebration festival (and Jurina made surprise appearance at Mariko’s one same year). What written in a letter is history of the relationship between the two girl, which everyone already knows, but had never heard it told in that emotional way.
Today, for Mariko’s birthday party, Jurina wrote a letter. What’s written in it are things that we probably already know, but even though, it still, very touching. This is the letter that you hope for from our Jurina.

Facilitator of the show were Sato Sumire and Kikuchi Ayaka. Special collaboration handkerchieves with Ricori are handed out to fans, and everyone raised them over heads.
Summer started reading a letter from Jurina.

“It makes me feel lonely when a thought hits my head that because you are thriving as an individual, you will graduate AKB in no time. But I wish you would stay here and witness my growth until I will be grown up.”

When Sumire read these lines, Mariko’s face was contorted. She was trying to hold up tears and shaking her heads. As if she is trying to day Jurina is already able to stand her own feet.

Jurina’s Letter to Mariko April 1st, 2013:
Dear Mari-chan. Happy birthday. I am really indebted to you for helping me a lot. It’s great that I can write a letter to you as I received a wonderful letter from you at my birthday party.
Mari-chan, you are like an elder sister for me.
But when I say that, you respond that “Nope, Jurina, I am your younger sister!” And I love that funny side of you.
But quite honestly, I’ve considered you as my sister since when we first met at the filming of Ogoe Diamond.
Because you are the first person who talked to me when I was in need for help, having no idea what’s going on. You patted on my back when I stopped moving because I didn’t know in which position I should dance. I’m always helped by you.
Nothing has changed and you still help me a lot. You are always kind and give sincere advice to me.
Just the fact you are with me makes me feel at ease.
Sounds like you’re my elder sister after all, aren’t you?

But sometimes I think that because you are already enjoying a thriving career as an individual, maybe it won’t be long before you graduate…
But when we talked about “Challenge us with the determination to crush us”, the line from your election speech last year, you said you will stay in AKB not for yourself but for your juniors. You said you want to be here to defend your juniors.
You know, I still can’t do anything alone. I am lost without you. So please stay here with me until I’m grown up. Please promise me.

At this point, my hands start to get tired, so I think I should finish this letter lol
You are sweet, beautiful but at the same love pranks like poking in the forehead. And I love everything about you.
It’s so fun to be with you~ Happy birthday!
From your eternal little sister, Matsui Jurina.

Photos: Handkerchief produced under collaboration with Ricori, Novelty item for Mariko’s birthday festival this year

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Photo: Flower stand from fans of Mariko