Okay American fans of AKB48, you got a new buddy now, a woman that all of you must know

  April 1, 2013


I was so tensed and nervous~~~( ̄▽ ̄)

I served as an interpreter at the theater performance of team A tonight(⌒▽⌒)

I translated members self introduction part, and after that, I watched the performance of them~♪

I was so tensed up and my hands were shaking…..!

So, naturally, I made some mistakes.

source: Hirata Rina google+

So why she suddenly came up on the stage as an interpreter? Because according to her, today, they had a special guest, Randi Zuckerberg. Yes, it’s Facebook family.

Fans tweeted that Tanochan gratified Zuckerberg with a loud scream of “Thank you Very Much” during hi-touch after the show, which means she was there for the whole show!

Oh by the way, or probably more importantly, Today’s theater performance was Birthday Celebration Festival for Shinoda Mariko!

Tano Yuka: Birthday Celebration party for Miss. Shinoda is over.

You know…. I love the captain(((((└(:3」┌)┘)))))))

Gosh! They are the very two girls who completely altered my KSDD tendencies!! What a sweet gift immediately after I got back from a short hiatus!! Thank you~~

Shinoda Mariko: Tonight, at the end of team A’s theater performance, thank you for everyone for holing a wonderful birthday celebration party! Wonderful flowers and cute handkerchief? Thank you for lovely surprise! At each birthday party every year, I was telling myself that “This is gonna be the last one…!” Time went by, now it’s 7th birthday celebration party of mine LOL Every year, thank you so much, I truly appreciate it!

Shinoda Mariko: Oh, and one more thing.

I officially submitted application for the election!

Though, again, I’m going to be completely relying on you for this event, I will truly and humbly appreciate every single support from you!

As of 11:00 pm JST on April 1st, Members who submitted their application for the election are….
No need to mention here. You can check it out realtime on official website for AKB48 32nd single Senbtasu Election.

Photos: Members who declared their candidacy today

source: Tano Yuka, Iwata Karen, Oshima Ryoka, Shinoda Mariko sns

AKB48 Shinoda Mariko receives touching letter from Matsui Jurina at her birthday celebration