JKT48 Nakagawa Haruka, SKE48 Sato Seira won’t run for the election this year

  April 4, 2013

There have been variety of reactions from members regarding to this year’s election system, where one must publicly declare their will to participate in the election battle in order to officially join it.
Yesterday JKT48 member Nakagawa Haruka told that she won’t run for the election this year, because, for now, she wants to concentrate on her role in JKT48.

Nakagawa Haruka 4/3 22:17

Good evening!!
I have an announcement to make today.

After thinking about a lot of things concerning myself and the people around me,
I decided not to join this year’s Senbatsu General Election!!

I’m sorry to the fans who are supporting me for the elections.
I’m doing my activities as a member of JKT48.

The experience I have in Japan and Jakarta are entirely different, and I’m having a good time because I’m very encouraged!! I was able to release an album as a member of the JKT48!!

I was able to speak in Indonesian, and I am very happy that I was able to meet the fans and to be able to stand in the theater and stage to perform.

I think that I still need to learn more.. and I feel that joining the General Elections will make me come out half-baked.

Joining the General Elections would mean that I have to do activities as an AKB48 member and as a JKT48 member at the same time.

If I will be asked if I can do concurrent posts smoothly, I would say that I cannot do it considering my current status.
I will only cause trouble to the fans if I will file candidacy knowing that I cannot do activities of both groups at the same time.

That’s why I want to devote myself in participating in the activities of JKT48!!
I want to do more and more activities and improve, and I want the fans to say that “She has improved a lot” before I would join the General Elections!!

Please wait until that time comes.

I will do my best so that fans will see my effort to improve myself!!

For this year, I will not join the General Elections, however, Akicha will participate, while doing activities as a JKT48 member!!

Akicha, please aim high and do your best for me.

Please represent JKT48 and show them what the group has!!

Akicha, do your best in the general elections!!

Also, I’m looking forward for your continuous support!!

Translation of article (in Indonesian)

There are quite a few Japanese fans who expected what voting system will look like if JKT48 members run for the election, because there’s huge gap between economic power between Japan and Indonesia.

JKT48, unlike SNH48, is enjoying a thriving time since the two Japanese members joined the group. They released 1st album, and been regularly holing theater performances in Jakarta. Everyone wants to see how much change JKT48 fans and members can bring to the election.

So, for the election, now all the eyes are on Akicha. Will she run for the election as a representative of JKT48 member? So far, she is willing to fight the battle.
AKB48’s 3rd generation member Nakagawa Haruka won Senbatsu spot in the 2nd general election in 2010, when she ranked at 20th. However, she’s been constantly decreasing her rank since then, and ranked at 44th last year.

A little before Nakagawa Haruka making this announce, SKE48 member Sato Seira shared a blog post, where she declared not to participate in this year’s election.


Yeah, so Spring is comin’
The winter lasted too long, didn’t it?
So I gotta tell you this.

Looks like election fever is starting to heat up.
As lots of members declared thier respective candidacy, I was pondering upon whether I should join it or not.

The conclusion I woke up with is….

I’m sorry, I apologize all of you who expected me to run for the election, or already started preparation for the battle, but I won’t run this year.

I’m sorry to make you feel down.
Election is and event where your supports turn into votes, and both in good sense and bad sense, it gives stimulation to us.

I think as long as I belong to AKB48 group, I’d better enjoy this event to the fullest. It will provide me a good life experiencee.

But I figured that there still are so many people who voted for me in the election but haven’t met with me in person at handshake events.

This year, I want to meet all of you!

I want you to come to meet me, turn all the passion to support my election campaign into coming to meet me in person!!

And please give me your encouraging words in person!!

Okay, That’s my resolution this year.

Everyone! I’m waiting for you at handshake event venue!

source: Sato Seira blog

Everyone raved her honorable decision. Putting aside whether it’s right choice or not, it must have taken a lot of nerves to be the first member to declare not to run for the election.

Awesome Seira.
She kinda reminded us of the basic philosophy of AKB48.

She wants people to know her in the less efficient but the most human way possible. “Come to Meet Me In Person”
It’s not like she gives up her ambition to make it big, but indication of her honest feeling that hopes people to become her fans through direct interactions.

On the other hand She is now participating competition going on Playboy magazine titled “Who’s the best Gravure Princess? AKB48 Gravure battle!!” Yup, probably most of you recognize Seira as Gravure idol, right? If there’s a better way to support her to make her dream come true, why spend a bunch of money for the election?

Seems like the new system implemented this year, after all, gives members the opportunity to rethink the way they work, to see a bigger picture, and to reallocate their attention to what really matters.

Then suddenly our lovely Yuria (Kizaki Yuria) posted a stirring blog article in the evening of the same day.


I have a lot of pride.
So I just so unconsciously choose to play it safer, because my brain, my body, don’t want to feel ashamed.
And, although I’m clearly aware of this, this is what I hate about myself.
The reason why I don’t speak out about my goal is…. Because I know I will feel ashamed when I fail to accomplish it.
But…. think about it, how come I can accomplish my goal when I’m so timid and afraid of failure?
If I don’t try conveying my feeling to you, who are always supporting me, how come it’s possible for you to truly understand me?

Thus, I speak out.
This year,
yes, this year, I will aim at Senbatsu.

Am I dreaming too big?
Very little probability?

“Hard-working people talk about their dreams, while lazy people complain about things.”
This is the word that struck my mind recently.
It’s so easy to complain,
but it’s not easy to talk about HOPE.

I believe it’s more difficult to KEEP talking about your hope.
I want to become a person who can keep talking about hope.

This year, I must put all my energy into every single challenge I face.

SO yeah, let’s enjoy the election to the fullest!!

soiurce: Kizaki Yuria blog
The power of speaking up!
It came as a bit surprise that Yuria is so passionate?
Everyone knows Akarin (Suda Akari) is aggressive (on her blog, she already wrote she is taking aim at Senbtasu spot), but Yuria is considered to be relatively understated member among SKE48.

When you don’t fully express what kind of person you are, people start to make a judgement about yourself, which is almost always not what you intend to be. To have control over what people talk about you, to conquer people’s perception of you, you gotta speak up, talk about your dream!

Good to see many members shout out their goals at this opportunity!