Itano Tomomi hopes Shimazaki Haruka will become Center of AKB48

  April 4, 2013

Yesterday, as team B and S held theater performance in their respective theaters, many of popular members submitted applications for the election 2013.

Suda Akari, Ohya Masana and Kizaki Yuria, the last year’s undergirls, plus Matsui Rena, one of top 10 members in 2012 are major members from team S. From team B, Ohya Shizuka, Iwasa Misaki and Ohba Mina finished their application.

But of course, the member who generated the biggest buzz last night was Shimazaki Haruka, who just so simply, suddenly come up on the election official page.

Seriously, there were no words from Paruru regarding to her running for the election until now, thus, we saw sudden surge of Paruru fans last night.


Zakishima is comin’~~~~!!!!!

Just normally think, members who already announced their graduation almost certainly won’t participate in the election.

What everybody, especially fans of Shimazaki Haruka, cares about is what Tomochin (Itano Tomomi) is talking about Paruru.

Is Tomochin’s love for Paruru real thing? Or more precisely, are 1st generation members love for Paruru real thing?

From Tomochin’s blog

Happy birthday Paru-chan♪

After March 29th’s live broadcasting of Music Station,

we held the birthday party for Paru-chan, whom I love so much  as if she were my real little sister.

We asked Yui (Yokoyama Yui) to bring Paru to the venue by just inviting her to a dinner together, but not reveal it’s actually for her birthday party.

When she arrived at the party venue, “Surprise~~~!!! Happy birthday~~~~!!!”

Actually we had been planning this for quite a long time. We had kept in touch via mobile messages(・∀・) Yui played a major role in this!

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We had Yui, Milky (Watanabe Miyuki), Yukirin (Kashiwagi Yuki), Sashihara (Rino)

, Kitarie (Kitahara Rie), Shimada (Haruka), Mariyagi (Nagao Mariya) at the party~~~!

I’m so glad that Paru-chan was pleased with the party!!


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The cake is themed on Carebear, which Paru-chan loves!

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Mariyagi X Paru



Anyways, even for me, it’s mystery why I love Paru-chan so much LOL

It’s like mother’s love to her daughter.

Paru-chan may be a clumsy girl,

but I know she actually cares for others a lot, and is concerned about lots of things. Thus, until I graduate, I hope I can be her side as if I were her old sister.

source: Itano Tomomi blog


She wants to be Paruru’s old sister…..

ChinParu – Shimazaki Haruka crying hard at Itano Tomomi’s graduation announcement speech


As Tomochin said, who could ever imagine that Tomochin, yes Tomochin would arrange a birthday party for Paruru! And even call her her little sister!!!

irreplaceable center

Didn’t know Paruru succedded irreplaceable Center thing….. lol

So… this is already super surprising, but Tomochin expressed even more love, HUGE lovefor Paruru at Paruru’s birthday celebration festival at AKb48 theater….!!!

Tomochin’s letter to Paruru:

Perhaps because I’m 1st generation member, I somehow find myself comparing you and (Maeda) Atsuko, because you kind of reminds me of her.

Thus, I’m expecting AKB with Paru-chan as Center. But, I’m concerned that saying this publicly may make you worried.

I feel really happy that we could become so close to each other, and I could celebrate your birthday before graduation.

But more than anything else, the fact that I have my junior who loves me so much and whom I care about so much makes me incredibly happy.

I think there’s nothing  wrong to be yourself. I hope you will keep striving forward and have more confidence.

I will graduate, but I am and will always be your side. I will always help you when you need me. So please always be my little cute sister.

Last of all, Happy birthday, Paruchan.

Kojima-san: “Hang in there, Everyone is supporting you. It’s extremely rare to hear such sweet words from Tomo. At least I haven’t heard before. So I think she really love you a lot, Paruru.”

Shimazaki: “It’s a pressure….. I mean, eternal pressure….”

Kojima: “Wooowwwwwwww!!”

Shimazaki: “But don’t expect too much from me LOL”

Kojima: “(Real you is) Precisely as written in the lyrics.”

Shimazaki: “Yesss”


As you already know, AKB48 will release new photobook titled “AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48 Fashion General Election! Who is the Center of fashion Senbtasu!”

Simply put, this is a sort of photobook version of Greatest Hits. The whopping 432 pages photobook contains 540 fashion snaps of 125 members that are selected from total 20,000 photos taken for Fashion Magazine an・an over more than one year period.

Fans can only meet and see members dressed in their own clothes at Individual handshake events, which is only held in Metropolitan area in AKB48’s case. And an・an has been introducing them in a small corner called “How Do I Like?”. The photobook also contains many unpublished images.

The publisher of the photobook, Magazine House’s comment:

“AKB48 has changed the conventinal views towards idols that they usually don’t have a good taste of fashion. They are getting better each time we conducted photoshooting. I heard they were doing research on how to get selected for publication.”

7 Members who Magazinehouse selected to put on 1st page on Nikkan Sports paper were Oshima Yuko, Watanabe Mayu, Shimazaki Haruka, Itano Tomomi, Sashihara Rino, Shinoda Mariko and Kojima Haruna. 

“You know, Kojima-san, Itano-san and Shinoda-san are fashion icons in this generation.” they told us.

source: Oricon style

akb48 fashion


Paruru got a great stylist! They actually go shopping together.


AKB48 has changed the conventinal views towards idols that they usually don’t have a good taste of fashion……

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