SKE48 Matsui Rena raises her voice and interrupts Togasaki as he announces the end of Kitahara Rie’s concurrency

  April 28, 2013

Everyone is buzzing about Matsui Rena’s  piercing gaze when Togasaki was announcing that Kitahara Rie’s concurrent position in team S is canceled.

Togasaki: “We cancel Kitahara’s concurrent position at team S.”


Everyone: “What do you mean? She is not in team S! She is in new team K2!!”


Rena: “Do you mean she will hold a concurrent position in new team K2?”


Togasaki didn’t respond to Rena’s word.

Everyone: “(What the fuck???)”


Togasaki: “Next….”


After this, Rena and other SKE members asked Togasaki again, urging him to give them a clear answer. And Togasaki finally said “No, she won’t be a member of SKE48 anymore”


Takeuchi Mai (New Team K2):


We are supposed to bond together in the new team…..

This is too heartbreaking….(´;ω;`)

28 - 1

Suga Nanako:

Lots of things happened. I’m so confused right now.

But for now, I just want to say this.

Kitarie-san! I love you so much♥((´艸`*))


Miyazawa Sae:

I think….. it’ll be rude to say I’m happy about this…. But at the same time, it’ll be rude if I say I’m not happy about this…. Thus I can’t quite find the right word for this

*For more updates on Sae, please refer to matomember’s post

Sae : “But I honestly feel happy about the fact that I can come back to the place where I can meet you and perform at the stage.

But I also can’t help but think what it was all about…. what I determined 6 months ago….

No, I can’t… I can’t quite put my messy feelings in right words…

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”