Breaking News: NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki to release her first DVD/Blu-Ray [3 topics]

  April 24, 2013

0. Breaking News: NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki to release her first DVD/Blu-Ray

1. What’s up Russin M….. Nope, Russian Orangutan!!

2. SKE48 topics: Takayanagi Akane eats Chicken Karaage!! etc.

Takayanagi Akane aka Churi is, as everybody knows, an avid bird lover. Her nickname is, of course, named after song of bird (parakeets) that she owns at her home.

Thus, this scene from yesterday’s “SKE48 World Domination 2” made quite a buzz among SKE48 fans.

No, CHuri!!!!! Don’t cannibalize!! Don’t peck other birds!!!!!!

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Well, it’s okay! Coz Takayanagi is Raptor! Actually, Taka stands for Hawk!!

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Kimoto Kanon blog:

Feeling happy~~(花・з・)~♪ 

Hi This is Kimoto Kanon(。・ω・。) 


A little while ago, the happiest thing I’ve had in 2013 happened(*´Д`*) 

I got an autograph with special message on it from my favorite Seto Koki-san from Fudan Juku!!!

I’m too glad~~!!!。゜(゜´Д`゜)゜。

I feel I can run 50m sprint in under 7 seconds(`・ω・´) 

LOL That can’t be possible(ノД`)笑 

But that’s how excited and happy I’m right now(´ω`#) 



Kimoto Kanon 4/23 16:40

When something happy happens, my emotion shows on my face. I just can’t hide it.


Goto Risako:

I don’t feel much love from you recentlyo(`ω´ )o 

I’m in anger! Pun Pun!


Fan: “Risako… Cute Cute”

Fan: “Since when Gorisa has become this cute?”

Fan: “Gorisa Wota should buy more handshake tickets…”

Fan: “Come on, Gorisa has been cute since the day one! Don’t be kidding!”

Fan: “Anyways, for the time being, we gotta give her Mikity”

Beautiful, beautiful video….

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