Aisu no mi “AKB murder case”, members become Manga characters (and 3 other topics on HKT48, AKB0048 and Mariko-sama)

  July 4, 2012

Aisu no mi “AKB murder case”, members become Manga characters

“Super Bishojo (Beautiful girl)” Shimada

Aoyama is so poor at portrait!!
Actually Mittsu is by far better!! (Reference)

This time, Aoyama doesn’t draw illustration itself….

This is drawn by Mangaka by the name of Goto Masaki.

We can’t tell who’s who from the illustration!!
That pretty much tells this is written by Aoyama….. such a brainteaser!!

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AKB00048 Virtual handshake event, Chieri and 3rd prototype Mayuyu won the 1st prize

LOL She got such landfall victories in both segments…..
Anyway, it’s no brainer given the fact most of voters of this election were Anime Otaku…

Anime version’s Watanabe Mayu in this result presentation page is somehow perplexingly cute lol

Congrats Chieri!! And good job to you guys!!

HKT48 to join a-nation

Come on!! HKT48 will join Avex’s summer music festival a-nation!!!
I gotta take a early morning flight to Tokyo after I went to Tanaka Natsumikan’s Sentansai!!!

OMG…. This is amazing!!
There’re tons of events in summer….. my wallet will soon become empty….

It looks like I’d better suspend my Ota activity in July and do another part-time job…..

a-nation….. so did they get this offer on very short notice!?!?

I think they planned to star Sashihara (avex’s artist) to play solo act, but due to the series of big fusses, her 2nd single has been suspended, so HKT got a position as Stand-In for Sashihara?
Anyway, this almost confirmed that HKT will release their debut single from avex.

So they will join a-nation as a replacement of Sashiko, and make their major debut from Avex….

That means they would even make an appearance in Music Station!?!?

“IQUEEN Vol.10 Shinoda Mariko” Making Footage released

You can Watch the video here:

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