It turned out that NHK’s exective producer Mr.Ishihara is Ota…!!

  July 8, 2012

During the broadcast of NHK-FM 今日は一日“AKB”三昧 IN 東京ビッグサイト“
2012.07.08 (Sun) 0:15~9:00PM

He is absolutely amazing!!

This middle-aged man is God!!

He can even stack up to top-class Ota on underground section of 2ch!!

He knows everything about data, trivia and backstories!!

What we learned about Mr.Ishihara today.

・He knows about Bocchi-kai (lone club)
・He knows every small detail about PVs
・He is a regular viewer of Magical Radio
・He knows members who went to watch “Yubi-Matsuri”
・When Reinyan talked about “10PM’s wife”, he soon quipped “Danna (Husband: Harukyan)”
・He knows well about a stage lift of Wimbledon he Tsuretette.

He even knows about Tano-chan being NEAT, and that she loves Karaage lol

If some unfortunate thing would happen to AkiP, they must choose this man for AKB’s producer.

Producer of KOHAKU Utagassen (:original one) who knows that Tano-chan loves Karaage lol

He also knows “Call” of many songs.

This is actually a blessing for AKB48 as one of media big shots knows how AKB has forged their career and understand what AKB48 is about, in true sense, on a perspective of Ota.

He knows his stuff as he call Nakatsuka, Tomochan. He may even know once she disliked to be called Chiris….!!

He knows a schedule of theater Stage better than members lol

Ishihara Makoto Shin
born in 1957
1981 Joined NHK.
He has created countless of legendary programs in his career in NHK with his enormous creativity and energy.
He loves Rock’n roll and gums.
He is also a bassist and guitarist of Rock band “KAKUU GAKUDAN”.
He respects Rock band “Moon Riders”

His representative works:
Top Runner
Pop Jam
Kohaku Utagassen

LOL this man is a truly big shot!!

I bet he is also on 2ch as if it’s a matter of fact.

It seems he knows all songs of AKB.

I think he really loves AKB48, and that’s the reason AKB48 can make such a lot of appearance on NHK??

Chikano: “As for Harugon~~~”
Ishihara: “You mean former Harugon?”

Chikano: “it doesn’t matter~~”

He knows members positions of Glory Days!!

LOL SKE is his familiar ground, too!?!?

Is he a producer of Music Japan!?!?

LOL He made Kashiwagi made a pre-show circle!!!

He is awesome!! He made Kashiwagi did pre-show circle of Shonichi during the introduction of the song!!!

He seriously knows a stuff as yesterday’s AKB48 election look-back aired on NHK, they showed Sashihara’s reaction when Yakata’s name was called!!!

Maybe it’s because AKB48 is something that he naturally gets to know as he works as a producer of music TV shows. You know, those who do stunning job never spare efforts to do their own research.
We must learn from him.

Seriously, this broadcast will be a great moment of AKB48’s history.

It seems like they are filming a scene, so I’m looking forward to DVD release of this program!!

Honestly, I think it was a right choice that I didn’t get tickets for today’s handshake event.

I went to today’s handshake event. I was listening to the program on my iPhone. Strangely though, there were few people who were listening to the program at the venue.

I think you can’t fully enjoy the program unless you concentrate on it.
Now it’s raining in Kanto region, this is a great accompaniment for rainy Sunday.

He wants to confirm how a member who plays Erepyon’s position in Junen Zakura moves lol

He even knows about Mop-tai (Mop team)!?!? He is great Ota!!

What wrong with this old man!!
He must be frequent visitor of underground section!!

By the way, he is asking about the true story about that scandal…

Don’t underestimate NHK’s top talents!!
It’s not only this producer but all producers have enormous knowledge, understanding and passion in their respective fields!!!

Yeah, if you got a powerful position in NHK, you can spend by far larger budget than private TV companies, which makes it possible to make TV shows with outstanding quality.

LOL He calls Kojiharu, NyanNyan….
He is completely addicted to AKB48 lol

I heard that a man shamelessly calls Kojiharu, NyanNyan for the first time lol

So this is how Mr.Ishihara looks like.

Anyway, this broadcast is awesome!!
I was listening to it whole time while I was driving home from the handshake event venue. I couldn’t stop laughing.
I actually want NMB members, who have been working so hard from yesterday, to take a rest, but I’m feeling dilemma as I also want them to join this radio show….

Even though this is ridiculously long, this radio program never gets boring.

It’s impossible to know that Takeuchi was studying in blacked-out Shinkansen unless he checks out Matomember or G+….

And he is a kind of person that appeared on a stage before a filming of Sashihara’s performance for Music Japan starts and said “As for MIX, do single.”

They will air some of  “Unreleased ver.” songs from now~~~!!!

Rare tune has come~~~~~~!!!

LOL He never spares words to Yasusu!!!

Ishihara P: “And people call any songs you release, Crap. What will you do?”
Yasusu: “I can assure you that listeners will enjoy the next song that will be released in August.”

Setlist of NHK-FM 今日は一日“AKB”三昧
number, song title, studiio guest
01 Overtune
02 Manatsu no SG!
03 Ogoe Diamond (Atsuko Maeda)
04 Baby! Baby! Baby! (Mr. Ishihara)
05 Iiwake Maybe (Yamada Nana)

06 Korogaru Ishininare (Yuko)

07 Saishu Bell ga naru (Yuihan)
08 Boku no Taiyo (Kawaei)
09 Switch (Takajo)
10 Boku no Yell (Haruka)
11 River (Togasaki)
12 Gomenne, Summer (Churi) Because the BGM was Kizashi

13 Dakishimecha Ikenai (Umechan)

13 To be continued (Moeno)
14 Kimini Tsuite (Sakiko)

15 Takeuchi Senpai (Rena)

16 Omoide Ijo (Jurina)

17 Uekara Mariko (Reinyan)

18 Enkyori Poster (MaeAmi)
19 Kiseki ha Maniawanai (Karen): She requested First Rabbit, the song that hasn’t yet released so they didn’t have audio source of the song
20 NEW SHIP (Tanochan)

21 Beginner (Anai Chihiro): She requested First Rabbit

22 Sakura no Kininarou (Murashige Anna)

23 Hoshizora no Mistake (Aoki Hiroyuki: NHK’s announcer)

24 Usotsukina Dacho (Ishida Anna)

25 First Rabbit : Delivered by Mr. Yuasa at King Record

26 109 (Yuasa Junji)
27 Nounai Paradise (Nakatsuka Tomomi)
28 Kimi to Boku no Kankei (Chikano Rina)
29 Glory days (Nishishi)
30 Zero-Sum Taiyo (Nishiyama Kyoko: Saru-Obasan)
31 Keibetsu shiteita Aijo (Nakamura Mariko)
32 Manatsu no SG (Abe Maria)
33 Shonichi (Kashiwagi)

34 Tenshi no Shippo (Konda Daisuke)

35 Romance Irane (Badboyz Sada)
36 Skirt Hirari (Badboyz Kiyoto)
37 Warning (Suzuki Mariya)
38 Pinocchio Gun (Kuwabara Mizuki)  

39 Aozora no Sobaniite (Shinobu)
40 Chance no Junban (Uchida Mayumi)
41 Only Today (nakata Chisato)
42 Finland Miracle (Yakata Miki) from on location

43 Arashi no Yoruniha (Sato Natsuki)

43 Ai no Kazu

44 Kikyo (Mariko)
45 Namidauri no Shojo (Takahashi Minami)
46 Heart Gata Virus (Kojima Haruna)
47 Suki! Suki! Suki! (Miichan)
48 Aito Pride (Sassy) full length
49 Beach Sandal (Kitarie) full length

50 Mujineki (Iwasa Misaki) Live Karaoke

51 Idol nante Yobanaide (Sayaka)
52 Nakeru Basho (Kuramochi Asuka)
53 Yume o Shinaseruwakenihaikanai (Iwasa Misaki)
54 Shonenyo Uso o Tsuke!! (Kikuchi Ayaka)
55 Fruit Snow (Takeuchi Miyu)
56 Shinkirou (Kobayashi Marina)

57 Baby Baby Baby ~Tsuitou no Taiyo ver.~ (Yasusu)

58 Osyaberi Jibun ~PeraPeraPerao before editing version~ (Yasusu)
59 Soredemo Sukidayo ~B melody (:bridge) unreleased ver.~ (Yasusu)
60 Morihe Ikou (Yasusu)
61 Sakurairo no Sorano shitade (Yasusu)
62 Darui Kanji (Yasusu)
63 Inochi no Tsukaimichi (Myao)
64 Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no ChouChou (Kasai Tomomi)
65 Sakaagari (Kanon)
66 Sougen no Kiseki (Yasusu)
67 Waruky (Watanabe Miyuki)
68 Ggugtasu no Sora (Harukyan)

69 Dareka no tameni ~what can I do for someone~ (Yasusu)

70 Ougon Center (Haruu)

71 Yuuhi o Miteiruka? (Acchan)

72 Yakusoku yo (Sae)

73 Maria (Masuda)

74 Kanpeki Gu~none! (Lovetan)