Otona Yukirin♥ from Flash magazine (Adult beauty Yukirin) (and 3other topics on Shimada Bread, Sashiko, and Micha starring horror movie)

  July 19, 2012

Otona Yukirin♥ from Flash magazine (Adult beauty Yukirin)


Shimada Haruka already sent her Gopan (bread making machine) to repair.

Shimada Haruka
I had sent my Gopan for repair. GOPAN修理に出してました。←

When I went to get my Gopan after the repair has finished…取りにいったら
Repair Staff “You frequently made mistakes making breads with this machine?”
Shimada “(●´・ω・) Well….”
Staff: “Because there was rice, that you had probably put in by mistake, stuck inside the machine….”
Shimada “(´・ω・`;)”
Staff “Please be careful (not to make mistakes again)”

Somehow he found out about my mistake… .

Paruru, quickly share this post and disclose this embarrassing event of Shimada!!

▼ Paruru laughing at the miserable fails of bakery Shimada

Teaser of Nonaka Misato starring movie Hitori Kakurenbo (Alone Hide-and-Seek)

Nonaka Misato
Teaser of Hitori Kakurenbo (alone Hide-and-Seek)
Can you watch the video from the link?

Hitori Kakurenbo Theater version – True Urban Legend – teaser

Note: I put this teaser from Youtube is not included in the original post but added because the original link can’t properly linked to the video.

I gave up watching the full teaser after 5 seconds… (because it was too scary)

It looks more interesting than I expected!


Governor of Osaka, Hashimoto Toru: “I will get penalty for my infidelity just like Sashihara-san”

Governor of Osaka Hashimoto Toru revealed that he had infidelity with hostess working at the night club in Osaka’s night town Kitashinchi from 2006 to 2010.

On Shunkan Bunshu’s latest issue which went on sale today, he confessed that she was at the end of her 20s back then.

On 18th, after the official duty, he responded to the press, admitting that he was in relationship with her , “It is a fact that I used to drink with her. This time I can’t call Bunshun, total crap.”

–To what extent is this story true?

“Because I must consider the relationship with people who are in the article…. But I should say that before I became a governor, I hadn’t lived a life like a saint. Please judge me considering the image of me in the past that used to have light brown hair.”

–Have you told this to your wife?

“I told her when I had an interview with Bunshun (on 16th). I read the article this afternoon. I must explain to my children (he has 7 children)…. Now they are trying to be cheerful, but this time, this is totally my fault (so it’s gonna be tough)”

–AKB48 Sashihara Rino transferred to HKT48 due to the report by Shunkan Bunshun

“Sashihara-san may have a chance to shine in Hakata, but I have a family to deal with…. Anyway, I’ll have a huge penalty. I am also sorry to the relatives of my wife… ”


Hashimoto’s excuse is totally the same as Sashiko…. Lol
“It’s partly true but partly false…”

When I saw the thread’s title, I thought someone made up a lie lol

So it’s not a lie !?!? lol

He will be demoted to Congress in this fall lol

They intentionally used Sashihara’s name in order to attract AKB Ota…. lol

For Sashihara, for Hashimoto, they must carefully avoid tough enemy…(Bunshun)

So he will get a penalty that is equivalent to one yellow card from his wife?

Again, this is the total win of Sashihara Ota!!
She was being teased around on nationwide broadcast,
Besides now she has got Hashimoto Ota in her team!!

Akimoto Yasushi : “I’d never imagined that I would hear scandals of Hashimoto Toru and Ashida Mana-chan…”

This pretty much explain how far Sashiko’s popularity has come.
This is what “Win the scandal” means.

Once some big shot in Show-Biz world said, “There’s no one in this business who has risen to the stardom without any scandal.”