[Video] Ohya Masana Starring Episode ”Tsuitekuru (It Possesses/Follows me)” ~ Gakko no Kaidan EP1

  July 19, 2012

Gakko no Kaidan (Shool Ghost Story) ep1

▲This is official video on BeeTV’s youtube channel!!

The original author of “Gakko no Kaidan”, Tsunemitsu Toru supervised original Drama.
Each episode end completely in one story, this omnibus form Drama has total 15 episodes.
Each episode has different SKE member as it’s main cast.http://news.mu-mo.net/view/23809

It was just so scary in an orthodox way lol lol

I was gonna watch this because SKE is in it, but I couldn’t after all….  lol

It’s not like I can’t watch horror but it’s so hard to watch this kind of movie at the dead of night….

Story is somewhat common-place but they put a lot of creativity into it’s visual.
It’s a pity each episode has only 6 minutes….

This reminded me of this video….