Please tell me the episodes where AKB members got truly mad

  July 19, 2012

I watched this video where Rena-san got really mad, and it made my heart so broken.
So in order to calm myself down, I want to re-confirm that there are many members who had gotten really mad, too.

Rena was told that she doesn’t look different with or without make-up, and she said “I gotta tell you this, I’m totally different when I wear make-up!!”


Huh?? HUH???

HUH? Huh? Huh? 

No matter how much time has passed, the memory of Shinoda-san’s “Huh?” will never fade…..

Shinoda-san’s mad expression was so provocative and attractive…..

Takamina is feeling si…. lol

Kinda over acting “Takamina is feelin si (Skip lol)”

This video… I’m curious as of who were joking around actually....

Sayaka “You can’t do it? Wrong!! You gotta do it!!”

So this can be categorized in “getting really mad”?

Sayaka-san’s “You can’t? Wrong! You gotta do it!!!”

↑this is funny lol

↑ I saw this on NicoNico before.
In the scene where Okaro closed the laptop, people are growing tons of weeds on the screen (wwww = lol lol lol lol)

Okaro also got enraged at Mayuyu when Mayuyu made a severe comment on Sayaka’s bungee jumping in Macao.
(Sayaka is acrophobia)

When it comes to “wild rage”, you can never forget Churi.

Takaytanagi Akane: mysterious chain of her “wild rage” alter egos.

When Takamina started having a pet cat without having a talk with Miichan, who are allergic to cats, in advance,  I think Miichan had never talked to Takamina for a while.

Jurina-chan’s “Hell! Why!?” was volcanic, too.

Mayuyu’s Bravado of youth
1.  She got mad when she was made fun of by Hirajima, and declared “I feel like to say, ‘Hirajima is jerk’” right middle in the MC of Stage performance.
She added to say: “You’re just cutting out the nice words”  to Hirajima who gently apologized to Mayuyu
2. She refused to make a comment to Minegishi who persistently asked her for the comment when she was plunked in “Neoki Dokkiri” in Guam.
3. When she cried while she was playing a game in AKBINGO, she said to Takamina in a full-body monkey costume, who approached to comfort her, “I’m alright, it’s okay, don’t come close to me anymore.”

↑Mayuyu’s “Nacchan is jerk” remark is the story that Yukirin and Nacchan made fun of Mayuyu’s movement: she tends to extend her chin when she sings, and Mayuyu got mad at it.

↑Kick…. lol

I can’t think of anything but this one…..
Kojima Haruna gets angry at Shinoda Mariko

↑How cute Nyaro is….

Maeda “Why you got mad!!!!”

In the battle against Idolin!, when Tomochin lost them to Janken and smashed a cream pie on her face by a staff (dressed in balck), she seriously enraged against him as he daubed a pie over her face….

Back then I didn’t know much about AKB and I LOL’d like, “This program is hilarious, the girl attacks back against a staff!!?”

I thought she  was  mutinous back then, but looking back now, she looks cute in the video.

Looking back these scenes, I get a impression that this generation  was so hot…..

In the filming on location in Guam , when they went shopping in the shopping arcade, because Mayuyu was too selfish, Acchan got a little mad at her, I think?

The member who are the most freaky when she gets seriously angry is Ohya Masana.

The scene where Acchan enraged at junior members during the Seibu Dome Concert made me so stirred up in various senses.

You are actually awesome if you can set Nakayan’s s blood boiling.