(WrapUp) Maeda Atsuko Seitansai 2012

  July 10, 2012

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Oh come on!! It looks like Acchan’s on the Stage!!!

from Twitter

“Acchan is in Mokugekisha Stage!!”
“When former Harugon sent a broad smile to Acchan, Acchan sent back a cool smile to her!! Acchan is so handsome!!”
“Acchan is just normally in the show so far!!”
This reminds me of scenes from Seibu dome……
Acchan even blamed herself for that hyperventilation….
Acchan….. please don’t push yourself too much….^^
Atsuko…. don’t make me cry….°°・(>_<)・°°・。
I just want you to do what you want……

from twitter

Acchan, when playing a position that she plays in a far side of the stage, looked so agonizing,
but once she returned to Center, she got back her bright smile!!

Oh…. She is really alright….
OMG, I’m too worrying about her that I can’t focus on anything!!!

from twitter

Atsuko: “I still have few friends in AKB after 7 years. When I got congratulation mails or members played with me on my birthday, I keenly feel that it’s nice to have many members. “
With that message, I could easily picture ridiculously real image of image in head!! Thank you!!

Nishiyama Kyoko
Today’s AKB48 theater is Mokugekisha Stage and Acchan’s Seitansai.

Saru-Oba is now on nationwide tour with manager Togasaki and now in Osaka with team B.
But staffs at the theater sent me photos.
AtsuMina on stage ( ^-^)

Saru-Oba~~~~!!! Thank you so much~~~!!!!

Nishiyama Kyoko

This smile, reach your heart!!
Saru-Oba, you’re God!! Acchan’s smile save humanity!!!
Acchan♥ She looks absolutely fine!! This smile is not something that she try to pretend to be fine!!

She looks a little pale but this smile is stunning!
I want her to overcome the first hardship in her 21th year!!
We are Mokugekisha!!!

Nishiyama Kyoko

This angle….. reminds me of the moment she announced her graduation…..
What is this beautiful lady……
Acchan…… You’re just so beautiful…
Staffs-san are doing a fantastic job….
Is this there consideration to worrying fans?
That’s what we expect from PR professional Saru-Oba.

As we are talking about a flower, here I upload the photo of a flower bought with collected money from residents of Acchan fan thread.

Those who paid money, who cooperated with us, Sakurajima-kun, thank you so much!!!
We’ve collected 13,000JPY and ordered a bouquet of just 13,000JPY.

Fantastic!! Thank you sooooo much!!!
I love that message card!!
Thank you so much.

You’re such an Ikemen!! Good job!!

from twitter

Video letters from Yuko, Miichan, Tomochin, Sayaka and Sae-chan~~~~!!!


from twitter

(Takamiona is reading a letter from Tomochin.)
To Atsuko. Happy 21th birthday to you. I’m sorry that I couldn’t carry a birthday cake for you at the theater. I actually wanted to do it, but because I had bad feeling, I gave it up.

Warota lol
Tomochin….. are you serious?? lol
Tomochin is amazing!!
What a funny letter!
Tomochin… thank you so much!!
I’m crying and smiling at the same time!!
Takamina is reading a letter from Tomochin to Acchan…..
I will cry so hard when I watch On Demand as I love AtsuMinaChin….

from twitter

Mariko-chan is crying so hard.
Takamina is also crying so hard…..
Marichan: “(This will be the last time) we can celebrate your birthday like this….. (tears)”

MariMina~~~~~!!! Don’t cry~~~~~!!


Nakagawa Haruka
Acchan, happy birthday(^-^)/
I truly love you~~~♪

You’re so cute, too!! Thank you~~~~!!

Acchan, Banzai at her last Sentaisai in AKB48, “This will be my lifelong treasure”
AKB48 held their ultimate ace Maeda Atsuko’s last Seitansai at Akihabara theater on 10th July. Though it was reported that she was in bad condition, she appeared on the Stage as “main cast”. “Today, on my birthday, my last Seitansai was held. This will be my lifelong treasure.”, she sent her gratitude to fans, staffs and members.

The 2 people who are standing both side of her are….. crying so hard LOL
Mariko-chan’s eyes are red… lol
Mariko-chan is seriously crying~~~^^
Acchan updated her blog~~~~!!!!!

2012.7.10 23:24

I turned 21♪
Good evening, this is Maeda Atsuko, I’m now 21 year-old.

Thank you so much for a lot of love.

It’s too good for me….,
I feel I received that amount of love.

This year, I will try my best so that everyone can tell me at the moment I turn 22 next year that I’ve grown so much both in terms of inside and outside!!

This is the last birthday as a member of AKB48.
I’m truly happy that I was celebrated this day at out dearest place, “Theater”.

To all my fans,
and Staffs,
Thank you so much~~

Can I run trough it?
My 21th year will be the biggest year in my life.
I will never waste any moment of this year.

Atsuko…..( ; 😉

But… despite bad condition, she really hung in there. She did a superb job.
I’m so impressed….

Shinoda Mariko on twitter
After we wrapped up our Stage, team A members are celebrating Atsuko♪ Though we thought she couldn’t come as she’s been in bad condition, she came! Lovely!!! Of course we let her go home early, and now she is taking a rest at home, but…. thank you so much for coming even though it’s a short time, Acchan\(^o^)/

Nishiyama Kyoko

As I always think, Group photo is such a nice thing!!
One for all, All for one (*^_^*)
Saru-Oba will also watch On Demand~~~~(^_-)

Kuramochi Asuka: “It’s wonderful~( ´˘`)♥ “

Team A members are da BEST!!!!!

Mariko lol

Damn(∵#)←Acchan’s Kaomoji in an angry mood.
As always, Mariko’s portrait is always a bit of malice lol
Acchan even forgot to write her name LOL 
But even that is cute!!!

最後にもう一回 おめとう!(One last time…… Happy Bitrhday~~~~~!!!)

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