SKE48 Matsui Jurina "I don't dislike Shinoda-san, but I'm not compatible with her" and 2 more!

  September 27, 2012

Q. who were staying at a room next to your room at the resort hotel?

→Person who you think he/she is in the same category as you.

Matsui Jurina's answer: Kojima Haruna

Q. Who were staying at the room above your room at the resort hotel?

→Person who you don't dislike but think he/she is not compatible with you
Matsui Jurina's answer: Shinoda Mariko

Jurina: “Perhaps it's because she pokes me in my forehead when I meet her?”

Shinoda Mariko 9/25

Jurina…..( *`ω´)


Uhmmm it's a bit hurting when I imagine that Mariko was looking forward to watching the TV show just to see Jurna…..


Shinoda Mariko 9/24 18:08

I got handmade Cookie from Jurina~(^^) Yayyyyy! Yayyyyyy!! She gave it to me secretly like a womanizer because she didn't make enough of them for everybody~ Charina~~~♪ (Charai + Jurina = Charina)



NMB48 Member Joe Eriko will graduate from NMB48 tomorrow on Sep 28th.

Let's send our gratitude to her and give a supportive push on her back….

I love your child-like smile, Joe!

Probably you've felt so much pressure as people expect so much from you….

But you really did a great job!

Wish you will seize happiness for your life in the future!

Joe, come over here! I give you cotton candy!

Joe's smile will live forever in our hearts….

At this point, just looking at this photo makes me cry so hard….

Wow she will graduate tomorrow!?!?

A bit cruel that many of fans can't watch the show live as NMB48 hasn't yet launched LOD…..

It's so sad as I've been getting interested in her so much thanks to the terrific TV show Geinin….

I wanted to watch Joe-chan's growth…. 

I thought you will be the member who will lead NMB in the future….

But I guess fans sentiment like this was a burden for you….

Thank you so much….

I hope we will someday we will meet again somewhere…


-Well, so now AKB48 finished with Tokyo Dome concert, and as one individual, Matsui Jurina has become a high school student… and three months have passed since the concurrency has started. Have you already adapted to team K?


Yeah! I already adapted to the new environment! Actually as early as the 3rd Stage, I felt I've completely adapted to the team, like “Oh yeah! I can nail RESET Sta



-Wow~~ It's so fast. Do you think there's a difference between fans in Tokyo and fans in Nagoya?


I think fans are a bit calmer in Tokyo than Nagoya. Probably it's because there're many new fans in Tokyo? Anyway they're calmer than fans in Nagoya.


-Somehow, I have an impression that fans who come to watch SKE48 in Nagoya are more critical than other groups fans.


Sure, I think so, too.


-Are there any fans who come to watch you in Tokyo from Nagoya and share their impressions with you?


Yes. Many fans say “No matter where you'll be, Jurina never looks different.” “It's not because you're in a front row, but you stand out even though you perform in back rows.”


-Can you get along with members of team K?


We're so close to each other! Smile* And everyone praises me! Only one week after I joined team K's stage for the first time, we held a live concert in Tochigi as a part of AKB48's nationwide tour (Nonaka Misato on the move). Amid the severe shortage of time, I learned all songs for the concert as well as the theater performance…

-Awesome, but sounds so grueling…. And yeah, you perform different setlist for each concert in the tour.


Yes. And when we formed a pre-show circle in Tochigi, Oshima Yuko-san told me “Jurina remembered all songs! You did an awesome job! Great!” And that stirred me up so much. Itano-san told me “If it were Tomo, I would never be able to do the same thign~.”


-I can completely picture Itano-san's face in my head when she made that remark LOL


In team S, I haven't been praised for learning quickly, because it's par for the course in S that we must remember all choreography even if we have less time. (skip)


-What do you think are you able to appeal about awesomeness of team S and SKE48 to fans of AKB48?


What awesome about team S is our intense dancing!
Like… we can describe it one word, “Sweat!!” haha.
I think team K is the same. So it's so much fan to work with members of team K. But I still think when it comes to intensity, team S surpass team K.


-That's what you feel when you join theater performances of both teams?


When I finished theater performance in team K, even though I danced and sang so hard, I always feel “Oh yeah! I can perform the same stage 2 times more!!” But if it's team S's theater performance, I feel “One more performance is my limit….” And members of team K talk to me that “Your dancing is so aggressive, as expected! All of SKE members dance so hard!!” That's when I feel “I can show how awesome SKE48 is….!!”


-May I ask you what you think you are learning from team K?


Team K's dance is, because the setlist has songs that are “matured and gentle, but actually their choreographies are hard”, so sometimes I feel “Omg, maybe I'm danging too intensively??”, too. I can notice things like this because my position is behind of many members. And their after-the-show meeting is so intensive. Everyone openly express their opinions. Even during the show, right after we leave the stage after MC, Akimoto Sayaka-san and Miyazawa Sae-san soon told members “We can improve this point!” and they explain how to improve it to all members. I figured that's why they can improve themselves every time they perform.



  1. renx2 says:

    Regarding that first article about Mariko, that wasn’t even the question they asked Jurina. The show just asked the guests who would live in the next room and who would live in the upper corner room. There was a red sticker (2nd and 3rd screenshot) that when they took off, showed underneath that the people living in the corner room would be incompatible with the guests (4th screenshot). Jurina answered Kojiharu for next room and Mariko in corner room, the two people Jurina is closest with in AKB48.

    • Sora San says:

      Yup, both the guests were surprised when the reason for the question came out. Such is the cruel fact when answering a psychology question.

  2. Samsudin says:

    FIrst impression I got while seeing Jurina’s pic on Playboy magazine.

  3. NAMBA48 says:

    joooooooo (ToT)

  4. asudja says:


    gonna miss ur smile a lot.. thanks and wishing u great future ahead of you.. T_T

  5. Fuyuko says:

    I think everyone should feel relieved because she came back in NMB!! Yeahh! 😀