TV Recap – HKT48′s First Namesake Show, HAKATA 百貨店 2nd Episode Minegishi Minami

  October 15, 2012

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Finally we could see Minegishi guesting in the show hosted by Sashihara.
I'm looking forward to seeing how Minegishi and Sashiko will interact each other with Sashi as MC and Miichan as a guest.

“What's inside the box”….. That's a staple Japanese variety TV shows….
I bet Aoi-tan will again shed tears out of surprise.

↑Or we may be able to watch a video footage of Sakuratan crying.
I actually want to see it as her crying photo on G+ left such a great impact in my head.

Please invite Kitahara.
I feel so sorry for her as she has been a target of TV viewers curiosity.

I guess Kitarie will guest the show. Isn't she Banitan Oshi, by the way? (Banitan: Miyawaki Sakura)

“Inside the box”…. I remember the old episode of AKBINGO where Minegishi hit Kurochan (comedian)….
By the way, Natsu (Matsuoka Natsumi) is appealing fiercely to Minegishi on Google Plus lol

It's impossible to find a moment where Moriwaki Madoka is NOT beautiful….(´▽`)

It has livened up so much


Gachapin has come up!!!


She is the original member, baby!!

How frantically Miichan emphasizes the fact she being an original member lol. It's as if she were Nacchan.

No one comes up to welcome her lol

I guess Yukirin is watching this whole thing from the audience seat as Miichan flew to Fukuoka with Yukirin and the filming of the 1st and 2nd episode took place on the same day.

Personally I think Minegishi is very good at talking but not the kind of person who is able to say funny things, whereas Sashi is the opposite. She can't talk as smoothly as Miichan but she can get laughs from people.

Good Education lol

This is the program to introduce the result of Sashi's education to HKT members… lol

What an obvious farce as always… lol

LOL 40%,
I kinda want to see how Miichan will look like as an MC.


  1. ダンテ says:

    Sasshi is such a sweetheart to these HKT girls I love this elder sister feeling. Miichan was just as expected a good choice as she’s really good at talking. Unexpectedly I think Haruppi’s lisping is really cute, too. I’m really anxious how the episode with Mayuyu will be like. I can’t tell at all who’ll be her oshimen. I wonder if I can find my HKT oshimen through this show as well since I know very little about them.

  2. tokidoki says:

    I LOVE this show, can’t wait till next week.

    How could she NOT pick Aoitan after this episode 🙂

  3. Mark Weber says:

    Had to add haruppi on G+ after watching this show :3

  4. wahoho says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW. It made me love HKT48 more. I’ve beginning to know each one of them. This show made me want to go to hakata and HKT48 theater. I’ll be going there if I could go back to Japan.

  5. tanon says:

    cute aoi-tan~, and this sasshi’s single outfit is better

  6. rick cea says:

    Sasshi + AKB48 guest format is working for this show. Looking forward to next ep.