Who is “akihic”, the choreographer of AKB48’s 28th single “UZA”?

  October 16, 2012

Let’s know a little more about “akihic”, the choreographer of AKB48’s 28single “UZA”!
The choreography of the song is ABSOLUTELY stunnig! But if you take a look at the history of akihic, it’s no brainer why this song has the coolest choreography.

The more you listen, the more you’re hooked….

They sing the song on the commercial, too.

AKB48 New Song “UZA” Wonda Morning Shot New Commercial ~ Morning Meeting ver.

People’s reactions on twitter

2012.10.14 15:32 twitter

The dance in UZA is amazing!!
2012.10.12 20:45 twitter

I’m watching the TV programs that I’ve recorded……. and one girl caught my eye! Her moves are really sharp and cool. Who is this girl?( ゚ω゚;) She is the girl dancing in a symmetrical position to Oshima in the beginning.
2012.10.13 14:50 twitter

I love UZA’s dance!
2012.10.13 01:11 twitter

UZA is nice! It has a really cool dance! I love it( *`ω´)
2012.10.12 19:02 twitter

I like AKB’s song called UZA because I think its dance is cool♪
2012.10.15 02:43 twitter

Is it strange that UZA fits my taste the most out of all of AKB’s songs? Its dance is insanely cool!
2012.10.12 17:52 twitter

UZA, the song that has the hardest choreography out of all songs by AKB48.

It’s kind of like I’m watching the transformation of my dear girls from idols to artists. I want to praise them as they’ve been working hard to achieve their goal during a time when people usually have the most fun in their whole lives. Now nobody can dare call them idols who are just being cute and have poor performance skill!



Comment from Shinoda Mariko regarding the dance of UZA

Usually it only takes one day to learn choreography of one song.

But this time, it took 4 days for the members who could learn the choreography the fastest, and it took a month for those who are relatively slow in picking up choreography.

Beat Buddy Boi Hiphop Performance ChinaDanceDelight Vol 3

Beat Buddy Boi (GUEST:4th SEASON ROUND1)

Ryoverflow (Member of BBB) 2012.09.18 23:12 twitter

We danced together with AKB48-san at the AKB Janken Tournament.

The choreography of AKB’s new song is created by akihic☆彡!!

Plus, there was a part in the performance where it was only the BBB crew who was dancing. I figured it’s special that our performance was broadcasted on nationwide TV at this time. Anyways, we had a very precious experience thanks to everyone who was involved with this project!!



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