Mステ: Kato Rena and Fujie Reina appear in Music Station as Under for Minegishi Minami and Watanabe Miyuki

  February 22, 2013

For today’s Music Station (Music TV show on Asahi TV broadcasting Co.), Kato Rena and Fujie Reina appeared in as Under for Minegishi Minami and Watanabe Miyuki (absent due to illness).

Sasshi is impersonating….. what?

Yuko and Paruru rolling their eyes at each other.

Source: Shinoda Mariko Twitter

Looks like the pose Kitarie had in the photo is the latest fads of young girls!?!?

source: Kojima Haruna Twitter

Team A! (Members who appeared in “Anta Dare” on February 22th)

Why in the world is Mariko standing in this position lol

Oh did you spot Katorena at the far left?

Good lord, everyone is saying Katorena is extremely cute today!!

ChinParu making the pose together as they walked down the stairs to the studio.


But obviously the audiences (young ladies) are all looking at Shinoda Mariko.

And of course some people made a little fuss about the seat position of NMB48 and SKE48 members

(but probably it was just because SKE48 had 3 members which made it a little hard for them to squeeze themselves next to Sasshi at the front row?)


The all Wolfmen band? (The band’s name is “Man With A Mission”)

 This bands whose members all dressed in black clothes from XLARGE are actually witty talkers!

Oh seems like Kojima Haruna got interested in these wolfmen?

She stroke the wolfman’s head, saying;

“Good boy, good boy, you’re a good boy~” LOL

Wolf pose!!

After the talk section, AKB48 Senbatsu member for “So Long!” sang the song.

Nyan! Where’re you going!



The mystery solved! These are trying to pretend to be a wolf by the pose! (but of course there’s a probability that the wolfman is trying to be cute by making the pose that is popular among young girls?)

And, yeah, Katorena happened to be in the middle of wolves looks so defenseless and cute…