SKE48 Suda Akari, AKB48 Sato Amina deny rumor of their graduation

  March 11, 2013

Previously SKE48 Matsui Rena denied the rumor originated from 2ch. The rumor was “Matsui Rena will graduate SKE48 soon.”

As the rumor took a wild turn as a lot of news websites reported this rumor, including Cyzo, other members whose graduation are suggested responded and denied the rumor.

Suda Akari (2013/3/10): Pardon me.

Because there’s one thing that has been worrying me, please let me say one thing.

During today’s handshake event or recent comments, I often asked that “Akarin, is it true that you will graduate soon?” And that made me somewhat feel sad.
many members will graduate in this spring, and I’ve been thinking that now it’s time for me to do my best, trying to find out what I can do to lead SKE48.

Is there a rumor that I will graduate soon, perhaps?

*Right. One guy on 2ch, who self-claims a friend of indisders, wrote Matsui Rena, Suda Akari, Takayanagi Akari are already planning to graduate. Plus, Kashiwagi Yuki, Kitahara Rie and Akimoto Sayaka will graduate within 2013. And this gossip magazine Cyzo reported this..

Of course, I can understand your concern.

However, if times comes for me to graduate SKE, it’s when I lose motivation.

It can’t ever be possible for me to be satisfied with present situation. I still want to aim at higher goals.

Together, I want to talk about our goals and dreams, and share the joy to acoomplish dreams. I’m truly looking forward to it★

Though I’m still immature in lots of points. I will feel truly reassured if you walk the path together with me!

I need your help from now on, too ^^

“When I lost my motivation”….. Kinda sounds too straight-forward? Don’t worry, she has fans that leads her to right place.

Suda Akari (2013/3/11 morning): Thank you for understanding my feeling.

Let me correct one thing that I think I chose wrong words.

It’s not quite right to put it “when I lost my motivation” but it’s more like when “I find the new place where I think I should turn my motivation”?

Thank you for poiting out and letting me notice it^^

source: Suda Akari Google Plus

Then another good news coming in.

Nakaya Sayaka, Hata Sawako, and Yagami Kumi. As 3 members of Seiyu Senbatsu, Subunit “NO NAME” are graduating, people has started speculating that maybe Sato Amina will graduate, too, sometime soon?

Sato Amina (2013-03-08): Today,I took a walk in the neighborhood alone after work.

Before the evening, I reached my home.

I was sleeping since then until now(⌒▽⌒)

I slept a lot (⌒▽⌒)

Since I cried a lot, I must have been tired (⌒▽⌒).

And today, Shawako (Hata Sawako of SKE) announced her graduation..

You know, every single member of NO NAME are just trying to live their dreams(⌒▽⌒)

I think they’re cool. NO NAME is my pride.

Everyone is strivinig for their dreams and walking toward different ways?

I resolved one thing today.

Although it might look small, I’m gonna do it.

Reward to myself….

I’m looking forward to it!


Amina has no intention to graduate AKB48 (sometime soon).

Good night^^

Source: Sato Amina Blog

It’s true that the guy on 2ch predicted Yagami and SKE’s mass graduation, as well as Hata Sawako’s graduation.

But come on!! Although I can understand you guys, it’s a rule of the game that you shouldn’t ask members if rumors from 2ch are true!!!!

Maybe because Cyzo reported the news, giving the rumor a little legitimacy?

LOL Cyzo is not investigating themselves. They are just collecting rumors from 2ch….