What Takahashi Minami has realized through her solo activity – “Have More Fun!”

  April 11, 2013

April 8th was the birthday of our Takahashi Mianami, former captain of team A and Soukantoku (general coach) of AKB48.

As some of you may already know, she wrote a touching blog post on her very birthday.

Earlier this month When she was asked whether or not she will run for the election this year, she told the press that she thinks there’s no definitive answer and both are the right choices.

In her blog post, she revealed the inner conflict she has had as a leader of 48 group and how her fans and her activity as a solo artist made her realize what truly matters in her life.

takahashi minami

From Takahashi Minami official blog:

“I wonder since when… But I have become a staff not a member.”

Today April 8th, I became 22♪(*^^*) 

21th year of my life, I experienced lots of lots of things, and it passed before I knew it.

Nothing was left to do.

I did everything I gotta do.

But come to think of it, I may have forgotten something truly important.

Which is what’s I’m saying when we form a pre-show circle.

“Have fun♪ At the end of the day, those who truly enjoy life are the true winners.”

I wonder since when,

I put everything on my shoulder without being asked by anyone,

“I gotta this way, that way.

I gotta tell this to everyone,

I gotta tell this to staffs,

then, what I gotta do next?

No…. Oh god, we must improve!

Let’s have a meeting.”

I’ve been repeating this all the time.

Since when? I’ve become a staff rather than a member.

“What Soukantoku of the group is meant to be?”

Before I knew it, me, a person who is so stubborn that hates to compromise even when it’s way out of my hands, have carried the extra weight without being asked by anyone.

When I was lost what to do,

I started a whole new career as a solo artist.

Whatever  I do, I gotta do it alone. Members, who used to be my side is no longer there.

At first, I was quite uneasy about the situation, but soon I found myself somehow enjoying it.

When I first saw my debut CD, when I grabbed it, tears are flowing out of my eyes.

I get insanely tense every time I join music TV shows as a solist,

but I’ve learned a lot from that experience.

When I was back in AKB48 with this feeling I had through my solo activity,

One thought struck in my mind.

“I gotta enjoy…”

To be frank, this year, it was tough to make an decision whether to join the election or not.

Part of me wanted to see the election from a sort of bird’s eye view as Soukantoku.

Another part of me said that I may need to improve things that I’m lacking, which I realized through the solo activities.

But every time you told me in a bright voice that “I’m looking forward to your candidacy!!”

I realized,

“I just gotta enjoy whatever time I’m together with fans!”

It’s about making good memories of our lives!!

Back to basics.

“Enjoy and Have Fun”

You may be surprised how much 22 years old me will enjoy everything!!!

There is no telling what will happen in the 22th year of my life.

Outstandingly happy things,

Terribly sad things,

Lots of smiles and tears,

All sorts of things will happen,

And I’ll enjoy all of them.

When you look back later, everything just seems like a brief moment.

There’s nothing in your life that lasts forever.

So, let’s Go forward.

After the handshake event, my fans sung Happy birthday song for me.

Thank you.

takahashi minami akb48wrapup akb48 birthday 22th (1) takahashi minami akb48wrapup akb48 birthday 22th (2)

It’s great that we are and will be enjoying life together♪♪

I guess some of you start a new life this spring.

New school, New job, New people, New challenge…

“Enjoy and Have Fun♪ At the end of the day, those who enjoy life are the winners.”

“Have More Fun”

Enjoy your life♪

Thank you so much for sharing your ideas for my blog’s title♪

In the end, I chose this one LOL

Asobina~♪ Asobina~♪

source: Takahashi Minami blog

takahashi minami (1)

Although I thought that I would write this post yesterday, but since it’s likely to become a long post, I’m gonna do it today — ♪♪ (* `ω’) — Oh yeah 

The handshake session in Makuhari on the other day♪♪ was supposed to the final job in my 21th year — but I suddenly got an additioanl work, which was totally unxepected.

It was a trailer shoot. Mysterious enough, I will toss bouquet to local mascots from all 47 prefectures in the trailer footage.
The shoot will last until 23:00 if we won’t have some trouble…(´Д` )
That’s kind of iffy…(‘Д` ).

It is too sad to see my birthday comes around all alone…
So I begged my managers, who are also good friends of mine, to go to have dinner together.

Putting on makeup, hair, and cloth… Okay everything is perfectly ready!
(The cloth wasthe dress from “Jane Doe”, by the way lol) Guess what I saw when I head for the filming place…

There’re members and staffs waiting for me!
“Happy birthday~!!” They poped party noisemakers!! (; ゜Д゜)


That’s it! This was a surprise that they planned for me!!!
It was a fun prank!!

Despite his busy schedule, even Mr. Akimoto showed up at the party (>_<)

Everyone showed their party pieces despite they are also busy
They’re amazing and damn funnyヽ(;▽;)ノ

That was a happiest birthday ♪♪

Everyone, thank you very much ♪♪♪

takahashi minami (2)

On the same day, April 8th, we had a special party somewhere in Tokyo~
Inviting guests who bought “Jane Doe”, and applied and won the lottery, we held “Minami Takahashi 22 nd Premium Birthday Party”\(^o^)/

Only 100 people were invited to the intimate party♪

And the dress I’m wearing is, again, the same red dress I wear in the MV ♪♪(=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

As it’s getting near the party time, I started getting high.

Suddenly one staff from Universal Record talked to me with a saddened look.

He said because Indie idol group Chocolate Clothing began Guerrilla gig nearby, some of the fans left the party venue…. and only one third of the fans remain….

My brain couldn’t understand what’s going on.

First, I couldn’t calculate one third of 100, so I had no idea how many of them remain.

And what saddened me so much was coming to grips with the fact that I didn’t want to believe that people who support me would ever do things like this….

“I’m completely OK”

I pretended not to be rattled that much,

but I was actually about to cry…. How cruel the reality is!!

It’s Curtain time.

When I opened the door….

“Happy Birthday our Takamina~~~~!!”

and everyone popped party crackers!!!

“Thank you so much”, I bowed deeply.

When I raised my head, there’re precisely 100 fans!!

That’s it… again! This was surprise! This was again a fun prank!

Oh god…. again? LOL

Not a single day has passed yet, and I’ve already got pranked twice? LOL

Come to think of it….. what the heck is Chocolate Clothing!! LOL

Thank you for such a lovely prank LOL


After that, we had a great time!

In talking part of the party, we announced “Video: Look Back top 5 words of wisdom by Takahashi Minami – curated by staffs”!!

By the way, personally I’m not sure if No.1 is word of wisdom…? LOL

I answered to questions from guests,

I choreographed guests (which is what Takamina was dreaming to do as a solist).

And sung “Jane Doe”~♪

It was so much fun!

Thank you everyone who came to the party!

Thank you everyone who couldn’t come to the party!

Thank you thank you thank you!!


takahashi minami (1) takahashi minami (2)2023498_201304100244929001365558587c 2023498_201304100245212001365558587c

By the way, I designed the title logo for this blog♪♪


Okay, I think I will go with this design.

It will replace the current one at 12:00 on 12th,

so, please check it out everyone♪♪

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Source: Takamina blog