24th Japan Who-Wear-Megane-Best special prize was awarded to AKB48 last year as eyewear industry was expecting to increase popularity of Megane among younger generations. Members who attended the prize receiving ceremony were called Megane Senbatsu (Sae, Sayaka, Reinyan, Yuihan, Kitarie, Chuu, Tomochin and Mayuyu).

But fans have different opinions on who should really be Megane Senbatsu…
Yuka Nakanishi!
I think Yuihan with Megane is ridiculously cute.
(I hear she had LASIK operation last ear, but she still wears Megane in AKB motor club..?)
I have to say this thread is dedicated to just talking about Miichan.
Come on…. no one can resist Chuu wearing glasses….

We call Sayanee with Megane, Meganee.
“Let me wear your Megane?”
“Uhmmmm a little too big?”
Nishii looks really cool with Megane, if only she reduce the volume of side hair so that it doesn’t come between temples and face though.
Jurina wearing Megane in Blackboard was also good by the way, but the same goes true to her.
Though it’s not that she looks cool but Acchan in AKB mortor club saying 「メガネ余るんですよ~!(Vast empty space~!!)」  was so cute.
Mayuyu and Nakayan.
The first AKB member dubbed Meganneko, Nakayan!
Ayaka Morikawa (KKS of AKB48)
Why you guys forgot to mention Asuka Kuramochi?


Guess it’s Mayu-san
Maybe they’re picturing this image of Mayuyu?
Doll-like cuties from team 4!
Chris (Tomomi Nakatsuka) often wears Megane in TV show Anta Dare? on NOTTV.
Minami Takahashi
I thought Sashiko in MV of Chodai Darling looks a bit off with glasses..
Kashiwagi and SKE’s Masana.
Chuu was ridiculously sexy with Pink Megane.
Don’t think this is Kawaii?
It’s not so persuasive just leaving their names without putting any image~.
Basically people with small eyes looks cool with Megane.
Like AkiP.
Megane is the most awesome when it’s worn by someone like Nobita who has eyes with little visual impact, making it as if a part of face!!
So Umechan

I don’t like Minegishi, but I must admit Megane Minegishi in Darui Kanji is Kawaii…
Nakayan who passed the audition for AKB wearing glasses is the only answer!

If members’ images and their photos don’t fit well, it’s all my fault that I couldn’t find the right pictures…. 
Idea source 2chan