Chuu Kissed Show-Biz don Akiko Wada (and 4 other stories about Sexy Kojiharu, Komariko, JRA commercial and Haaemon)

  June 2, 2012

Chuu Chuu-ed (Kissed) with her great senior, the don of the Hori production, Akiko Wada.

LOL She was so willingly kissing Akiko!!

Okay, tell me how they got to this situation…..

This was what happened in the TV program called Ichigan.
Chuu answered to the question correctly -> High touching with Member -> Being too excited, she kissed to Akiko.


Who can benefit from this gross scene…lol

She hadn’t be involved with Akko until now though they both belong to Hori Production.
Anyway, with this kissing, she’s finally joined Akko family…

She successfully secured her job at least for next 2 years…. lol

Yeah, she  will be under protection of this Show-Biz don, as log as she is kissing her ass lol

Wait, don’t you think this is power harassment???
At this point, I don’t think Akiko Wada is a woman lol (<- btw she is still a woman... lol)
Okay…. Tomo~mi is having a hard time to survive in this business…. lol


Winner’s interview of AKB no Gachiuma!!

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She is just too cute!!!!
Chuu, I love you~~~~!!!

Tomo~~~mi… congratulation!!!!!
She is so cute in the last part where she expressed her determination for the upcoming solo commercial for JRA!!!

But lighting was too dark, isn’t it?? It’s a bit disappointing since this is a very memorial interview for her!!!
She’s become very good at talking!! I’m looking forward to her commercial!!

I finally come to gradually realize that she will star the commercial for JRA (<- this is a great thing!!)
Though I am watching this on mute since I’m working right now…lol

So she will certainly star the solo commercial!!! I gradually come to feel this is real!!!
As an important to step for this great role, you gotta leave a great result in the election!!!

Komariko in dull mood somehow looks sexy!!!

What the heck is this…. ?
It’s just Ero…..
Watch out your lower body!!

It’s like after….

Komariko has a tanned skin, which looks somehow sexy…
She has something in common with Una-chan (Rie Kitahara).

Sexy shot of NyanNyan

Beautiful body….!!
It’s too awesome…..
She is really beautiful….
This stunning fair skin, beautiful body….!!
Maybe this image is captured from PON?
Don’t make a fuss DT (= cherry boy)…..
Calm down and look at her carefully…. it’s about B+!!
But no matter what size her breasts were, the fact that there’re cherry blossom trees on the top of her breasts will never change!!

I’m lost myself!!!

Fu~~~~~fu~~~~~~ (rough sound of breathing)


New episode of Haaemon!!

I uploaded this on Yuttan’s fan thread before coming here.
I think I couldn’t draw the best of Yukirin and Haachan’s personalities in this episode,
but please forgive me since this supposed to be an extra issue…. for the election…

This is nice~~~~~
Thank you so much~~~(片∀片)
I was looking forward to this extra issue!
Thank you so much for this amazing work as always!!!!
This collaboration with Yutta is too awesome!!!
Ohhhh everyone is so cute!!
By the way, what material Haaemon is made of ???? (^o^)
YukiHa~ always makes my day…..
Your drawing is awesome and story is so funny….. I can’t respect you more!!