That's Orera by Orera (Team Sayanee) and 4 more!

  September 27, 2012

Outside AKB fandom: “Well…. I don't know much about them but I think that girl called Kojima? I'm not sure about her name, but yeah, she is kinda cute.”
Inside AKB fandom: “Paruru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ricchan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥”

That's Orera.

No matter how crazy dispute we have against each other, we're basically friendly to each other.

That's Orera.

Senkaku? Nope, we care much more about Sokaku.
That's Orera.

We bark so bravely on the internet, but in the real world, we're barked by neighbors dogs.

That's Orera.

Baseball Stadium is not a place to hold a baseball game but to hold a live concert.

That's Orera.

In the bottom of our heart, we know it would never happen that we are in relationship with Oshimen, but spend tons of time and energy to dream about it.
That's Orera.

We trust our Soukantoku more than our prime minister.

That's Orera.

After all, we are healed by gross Omurice and a cat like a nori roll.

That's Orera.

【Mukaida Family's Cat and Omuraice cooked by Mukaida Manatsu】

Leave a comment: “I possess her heart!!”
But feel uneasy if no one respond to you with a comment “I block you!”

That's Orera.

Cared Amina and Chikano's hereafter as much as political state of Japan.

That's Orera.

Weird Grin as looking at photos attached with Mobame set from members.

That's Orera.

When we're at home our heads are filled with 48 groups.

That's Orera.

Addicted with exhilarating feeling when members announce their graduation.

That's Orera.

All living expense = Spent in Records

That's Orera.

After all, whatever crazy remarks we make, we love 48 groups,

that's Orera.

Team Yamamoto always hang out together…..
I wonder if there's anyone who complains about it…

↑If you tell us not hang out together…..

↑We hang out together

↑That's Orera.

Yamamoto Sayaka 9/15

That's Orera.


BY Orera.





IshiharaP's birthday party! Took photos from Yuko's blog.

Milky is also making cute prank like a kid…. LOL

Where is Chintomo??

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Watanabe Miyuki 9/27 14:05

I finished with the photo shoot~(*´Д`)!

Mayu-san is always funny and cute♥ LOL

Watanabe Miyuki 9/27 14:09

This reminded me of the fact that I will be separated from Mayu-san in the new team…. I so miss her・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。


Sashihara Rino 4:33pm 9/27

During the filming session of the last Hey!x3, Milky asked me if I like her,  and where she ranked in the my personal ranking of my favorite AKB members.

I love all members, so I had no idea what to do as I found it hard to put members in any ranking.

But yeah, she again asked me what is her rank and if I like me, so I said “Uhmm 5th.” just because she asked me again and again and I had no idea what to do.

Then she started asking who is no.1, and who's no.2…. she asked one by one from 1st to 4th….

Because I just answered she's 5th without giving it any serious thoughts, I was perplexed at her question. But I then again listed members names without giving it any serious thoughts….

And today, when I met her, I found that she perfectly remembers the ranking that I listed without any seriousness…. Milky…. I feel so scared of you



Milky is a kind of girl who ask anyone who's their no.1 favorite member and never stops asking until they answer she is no.1….

I can easily reproduce this conversation in my head…. And Milky's voice perfectly fit the phrases of her questions.

Let's guess who Sashihara answered for the top 4 members!

I think it may go like this.

1. Mayuyu

2. Paruru

3. Sayanee

4. Yokoyama

Uhmmm I guess it goes like this

1. Kitahara

2. Minegishi

3. Yokoyama

4. Murashige

5. Oshima

6. Nakanishi

7. Takahashi Minami

8. Ohya Shizuka

9. Kojima

No.1 can change to Sayanee, Rena, Haruppi, Joe and Shimazaki just for her convenience sake…

Which means she is ksDD….

Sashihara is also a scary girl….. LOL

Milky took 2 shot with all Kami-8 members after she made it with Maeda Atsuko during the Tokyo Dome concert

Wow! I'm surprised that she already took a 2 shot with Tomochin-san…..!!

I may have to change my mind and take her more seriously…..!!!

Watanabe Miyuki 9/27 19:30

5th place in Sashihara-san's heart is mine(*゚∀゚) ♥(笑)




  1. Mario Medves says:

    IshiharaP damn you, all those girls….

  2. cryt says:

    Idol job description perfectly suits Milky’s cute coercive appeals to be #1 in everybody’s hearts, Sashi should just relent and say Milky is #1…. she’ll wear her down eventually with her constant fishing, might as well get it over with 🙂

    LOL, Sayanee’s That’s Orera video is hilarious, I love NMB’s group dynamics they’re always so carefree.