Cultural critic Azuma Hiroki asked to join marketing for AKB48 + 1 more on Sayaka on KK and Sae

  October 24, 2012

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tp://”>Renowned cultural critic Azuma Hiroki got offer from DENTSU, asking to join AKB48 marketing

2. Akimoto Sayaka talks with tears about Miyazawa Sae's transfer and members who haven't been selected for Shonichi roster

Azuma Hiroki (東浩紀) is an editor chief of Cultural Critic Magazine “Shiso Chizu” where Uno Tsunehiro (宇野常寛), the co-another of “AKB白熱論争”, contributed an article on it's 1st issue

Azuma Hiroki 10/23

【Announcement】I received an offer from AKB48, asking if I can cooperate with them in ad campaign.
Azuma Hiroki

I'm inquiring how much they can pay for me.

Because I want to know how much AKB48 will price my assistance~ lol

Azuma Hiroki

Okay so, let's get serious. I regard AKB48 as a pure money-making business. If there woulr ever be people who say “It's not about money but love, that's why I buy tens of CDs for them, I think they're empty-headed.
Azuma Hiroki

Which means, if they will pay compelling amount money, I will just cooperate with them without complaining anything. But that's it, nothing more, nothing less.

I smell that this will be a series of threads on 2ch.
Azuma Hiroki

My goal is to make it a long lasting thread on 2ch.


So they figured if Azuma starts talking about AKB48, other scholars will be interested in getting involved in AKB48 stuffs? lol

Technically, it's not a stealth marketing when he revealed he got an offer.

Uhmmm this is such a sharp comment.

He explain the essence of AKB48 in such a short sentence perfectly.

Who is this person???

Though he is known as philosopher, his remark sounds no different from those of Anti…..

I wonder if he would ever join marketing campaign, it will disappoint fans….

Actually he is very well known among Anime fans.

In short, he wanted to excuse that he is supporting AKB48 because he receives money from them. Which is pretty normal, isn't it?

He just wanted to make an excuse but at the same time, create a sort of fuss to gain attention, I think.

I'm a bit disappointed by his dull reaction…

He has found a value to make an sharp and deep analysis on Anime, while he seems very reluctant to take a look at AKB48…

Will this “AKB48 vs Anime Otaku” scheme work as they expected?

Oh come on.. basically Anime Otaku are the last thing that AKB fans can be compatible with…

I guess they're on as bad terms as America and Soviet Union during Cuban Crisis…

There're few Anime Otaku who are also AKB48 Otaku, but they're minority.

I wonder Yoshirin is paid by management…

↑During the previous NicoNico live broadcast, he said he never cares money when it comes to AKB related stuff.

He was only paid 50,000 yen + transportation and hotel expense for the dialogue with Sashihara for the bonus footage of her 2nd single.

Then I wonder what about Tahara Souichiro….

Azuma Hiroki

Gomen'ne Summer… unexpectedly, their song is nice….

※this tweet is sent on July 17


LOL He already started a marketing?? The negotiation has been done?

Why did he start from SKE48 LOL

LOL Whether he's been actually interested in AKB48 since a while back or it's jsut a pure business, it's gonna be interesting lol

I guess this may be an offer to write something like 2nd issue of “AKB48白熱論争” and as Azuma is such an influential figure, they want AKB48 to become a topic in academic discussion by using him as an attention magnet?


  1. arc says:

    Okaro…you’re really such a wonderful person.

  2. bentobox says:

    Sayaka, show your boss who the real captain of Team K is.

    The official captain is Yuko, but de facto I think Sayaka still take up the reins. Everyone loves Sayaka as their captain.

  3. hollow says:

    okaro you really nice person this is make me cry

  4. Mario Medves says:

    I’m getting angry. Why Okaro isn’t anymore captain? Why Yuko must be center and captain in the same time? And Yuko with all the work that she had, she can’t join all the performance in theater but Okaro can join most of them. And Okaro don’t have to graduate T_T

    • bentobox says:

      Agree. A captain should be the one who can spend most of her time with the members, especially the junior.

    • Gina Aghnia says:

      Can’t agree more.. It breaks my heart realizing that the fact the re-shuffle took away many thing she cares deeply. T__T
      But seeing it more positively, no matter who the captain is, Sayaka will surely be the one who take cares of the member and be there to protect the team. If Yuko gets the official title as the captain, Sayaka will be there as the shadow captain. I am pretty sure, most AKB fans know how awesome Sayaka is with or without the title 😀
      I was pretty much worried about her since the re-shuffle, but after this radio interview, I can see that she’s pretty determined to still continue being a member of AKB 🙂

  5. I´m a little worried about the last RESET Stage today, because Sae wrote something like this on her Blog (This Morning!!):

    “But our real intention of all the words that I write here now,,,
    In the depths of my heart, I feel that there is also a real intention that they come out on stage I am today. . .”
    (By Google Translator)
    Is this right or did Google wrote shit?

    Even though she wrote that she won´t graduate, I´m really worried.
    I only hope the best…

  6. i think it was bad decision to make Yuko captain, because, and now don’t take it wrong i love Yuko, but she is more concerned about herself, and don’t care about members who are from laters generations and so on, Sayaka always cared. i think even when Yuko is from now captain, younger members and also all other will go ask Sayaka. She is team k’s mom 🙂