Takahashi Minami says ” If you are living a normal life, it’s natural you find someone you love and be in a relationship”

  January 30, 2013

Withdrawal, Love-ban-law….

Masuda Yuka “I figured that I must take responsibility for the issue. I’m going to withdraw from the group.”

Masuda Yuka making apology to fans at handshake event.

Takahashi Minami: “As a human being, if you are living a normal life, it’s natural that you find someone who you love, and be in a relationship.”

“Rather, it’s something that people around you encourage and support you.”

“But if we are in a relationship with someone, it will never be welcomed and supported.”


In Shunkan Bunshun’s article, Takahashi Minami allegedly joined “executive meeting” after an event (Request Hour?).