AKB48G All Stars on NHK TV show “2 years since the earthquake ~ Towards Tomorrow”, First Public Performance of “Tenohira ga Katarukoto”

  March 9, 2013

Yoshida Akari 161cm ←

Yamamoto Sayaka 155cm

Yamada Nana 151cm

Watanabe Miyuki 154.5cm

Yokoyama Yui 159cm

Kotani Riho 151cm

Jonishi Kei 151.5cm

Ogasawara Mayu 150cm

source: NMB48 official

Not just her position in the photo but she is featured in VTR.

Plus, she appeared on the screen during the performance a lot! 


She won everyone’s heart….!

According to fans, lately she winks a lot at theater performance as well as handshake events.

Yuasa Hiroshi 3/9 21:23

I bumped into Karen in backstage!

She read a letter written by Tomu at birthday party for Tanochan yesterday.


Jurina, who turned 16 yesterday.

I found a birthday cake, a gift of favor from NHK.

I went to her graduation ceremonies both when she graduate elementary school and junior high school.

I keenly feel she is growing up.

Iwata Karen 3/9 20:26

Oh hai everyone!

Did you watch NHK?

I joined the show to sing the song called “Hana ha Saku”( ´ ▽ ` )

I felt a bit nervous as I was with big shots musicians on the stage, but it was a good experience!

Restoration hasn’t finished yet. It’s an ongoing project.

Everyone! Please keep supporting reconstruction assistance activities this year!

Below photo is a mini birthday party for Jurina-san♪ It’s a dressing room.

Jurina-san, happy birthday(ノ)´∀`(ヾ)



Shiba 3/8 21:59

During today’s theater performance, we held Matsui Jurina’s birthday celebrating ceremony!

I remember I was so impressed by her when she first appeared in AKBINGO at the tender age of 11.

She looked so dignified that you would never know she is 11.

Time passes fast.

4 and a half years later since then.

Happy birthday Jurina!

And, dear members of Birthday Ceremony committee for Jurina, thank you so much kind Sir.