AKB48 Itano Tomomi to release 4th single “1%” in June, aggressive dance tune equipped with midriff-baring costume

  April 21, 2013


Video: Boatpia (Boat Racing stadium) Nagoya, Tv ad ~ Scamper ver.

Video: Boatpia Nagoya TV commercial making footage

When was the last time since SKE48 was featured in TV commercial……

Finally finally we can see SKE48 girls on TV ads!! – though it’s only aired locally in Tokai region –

With the release of this commercial, SKE48 unveiled the new song “Splash of Youth” (青春の水しぶき) like it’s just a matter of fact.

Fans are speculating that the song may be sung by these 7 members, “Boatpia Senbatsu” and the song will be contained in theater version of the next single.

The surprise is, you can see Kaotan briefly shows up at the end of the commercial!

Matsumura Kaori:

Boatpia Senbatsu!?!?

Youtube: SKE48 Matsumura Kaoti’s inflitration coverage channel(●`ω´●)

The official page is launched!!!

I will upload more footage so stay tuned!!


Boatpia Nagoya’s official page ~ Who enjoys Boat Racing best!? Let’s decide No.1!

I want to make this party so big to the degree that the server would go down!!!

It’s not Kyotei (the traditional name for boat racing)! You should call it Boat Racing!!

You know, this is so honorable that I even can have official youtube page!!

Anyways, you guys must submit your bet, since if you win, you can get bunch of wonderful goods!!

Suda Akari: Finally (Kaotan’s youtube channel is) launched!!