SKE48 Yagami Kumi, “The GENIUS” – SKE48 Yagami, Hiramatsu, Kuwabara and Takada’s graduation performance

  April 19, 2013

1. Yagami Kumi’s voice acting of Shinonome Sonata in 0048 – MJ

2. SKE48 Yagami Kumi, HIramatsu Kanako, Takada Shiori and Kuwabara Mizuki’s graduation performance

On 18th April (Thur), all team S members gathered for the graduation performance (S3rd Seifuku no Me – Buds of Uniform) for the 4 original members of SKE48.

Takada Shiori: 

Oh yeahhhhhhhHHHH We’re ready!!! Are you readyYYYY????

Mii, Kana, Shii, Kumi!!! Let’s start our graduation performance!!!!

Can’t wait to hear your shouts!!(>_<)


Shiba Tomoya (SKE48 manager): 

Today’s team S public performance.
The performace will start soon!!

Today’s KageAna (shadow annoucer) is Hiramatsu.


“Koi o Kataru Shijin Ni Narenakute” – Couldn’t be a poet that talks about love

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Juri Kiss!


Final performance of “Antenna” with Kuumin as a conductor.



“Seifuku no Me”

S! K! E!!

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Unlike usual theater performance of team S, where cheers and chants for top 2 members dominate the theater, for this special day, fans, including fans of the top 2 member, gave the greatest and most passionate cheers for the graduating members.

“Omoide Ijo” (More than memories)


We are the witness of one of the historic moment of SKE48.

The last performance of “Okami to Pride” (Wolf and Pride) by the legendary pair – Kizaki Yuria and Yagami Kumi.


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“Onnanoko no Dairokkan” (Sixth sense of girls) – Ohya Masana, Kuwabara Mizuki, Kato Rumi, Suda Akari, Takada Shiori

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“Jealousy no Alibi”

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