Micha Throws First-Pitch At DeNA-Orix Game at Yokohama Stadium

  May 29, 2012
Misato Nonaka from team K of AKB48 threw the ceremonial first-pitch at DeNA -Orix game on 28th May in Yokohama Stadium.
Dressed in the custom uniform of DeNA, with the Kanji letter “誰?(Who?)” on it’s back, Micha spoke to fans “I think there’re many people who are wondering who I am…. I’m actually  a member of AKB48!!”
Her pitch goes behind a lead-off batter of Orix, but she looks relieved as she finished with this big role.

“I’d been thinking that my goal in this ceremony is enjoying it. And… I actually enjoyed it very much!! I was taught pitching form from pitcher Daisuke Miura. I regret that my throw didn’t reach the catcher and stray far off strike zone. But because it was fun, I gave it a score of 85! “

Source Daily

Misato Nonaka on G+

“It will be starting soon!!

Shihori Suzuki “Good job~. Live-broadcasting was fun!!!”


“Though my pitch was…. lol
But it was really fun and happy…. it’s awesome!!
I owe a lot to NOTTV (: was live-broadcasting her first-pitch)!! Thank you so much!!
I will write about this event on my blog soon!!”

Natsumi Matsubara “That’s nice (^^)”


“I could even watch the game after the ceremony!!
It was fantastic! (^^)
I feel a bit sentimental…. I don’t want today end….(・・)”


“I updated my blog!!
People who came to the stadium, thank you so much!!”

Nakayan “Congrats! Good job\(^o^)/”

Micha “Hawks…..”

Micha “I’ve already become wanting to watch another baseball game!”

Micha “When will be the next time??”

Micha “Soon Hawks will hold their game in Kantoh….. No… they wont’t……(;_;)