Typing ‘Cold’ Words from members and make Ice Cupnoodle!! (and 2 other topics on Mayuyu and Shiichan)

  June 16, 2012

Typing lesson with AKB members

Let’s type “cold words” members throw at you and convert it into ice!!!
And make IceCupnoodle with that ice!!!

How to play: Typed words will be converted into ice and put into Cupnooodle light. In order to successfully make Ice Cupboodle, you need to cool Cupnoodle to -999ip,

“Don’t spoof me!”
“Register me (on your phone) as Mariko-sama”

Ohya Shizuka’s juicy word (in Shibuya Deep)

This is the phrase which I want Ohya-san to tell me.
“Keep what we did last night secret to Akimoto-sensei.”

LOL This is so timely…….

She is (again) expanding the boundary!!!

Not now….. Not now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mayuyu’s live singing got praise


Actually this collaboration with Mizuki Nana was better than I expected.
I was thinking that Mayuyu was erased by Mizuki’s outstanding performance but Mayuyu7s performance could stack up to her!!

Wow Mayuyu sings so nice!
Her voice is nice, too.
Of course Nana wins in over all performance, but Mayuyu’s cute vocal is actually exceeding this voice actress!!

She seemed to be a bit nervous in the beginning but got improved around a little before the last chorus.

By the way what Anime this song is used as a theme song?”

Rosario to Vampire.

Cindy on G+

Mayuyu is singing in (music TV show) Music fair(^^)

This is the song she had been practicing when we were in transit in between work(^^)

She is trying her best to sing this song.

When I was looking at Mayuyu, diligently preparing for the stage despite not getting enough sleep,
I  was somehow so surprised that I was laughing next to her.
And I said, “You’ve grown so much…lol”