AKB’s performance for their new single “Gingham Check” got slammed

  July 27, 2012

As you all know by now, AKB’s performance for their new song “Gingham Check” has drawn attention on online forums. They’ve been talking about the part of the performance where Oshima Yuko shows off her high-kick and completely reveals her “Mise” panty (panty with special design that are supposed to display in public)
They performed the song on the TV show “Kayoukyoku” in a special live concert episode aired on 24th July, and had completely revealed Yuko’s panty which was captured on the middle of the screen to a nationwide audience.
While some Ota were delighted with this fanservice shot, saying “I love to see her panty!!”, some people have raised some concern that AKB’s performance do incorporate vulgar and controversial elements in order to draw attention.
Skirt Flip was once displayed by Nogizaka46 in the Oide Shampoo PV and Akimoto Yasushi left a comment on its direction saying the “(Creation team at Sony) went way too far”.

They were dressed in lingerie in the PV for Heavy Rotation, and they think those lingeries aren’t considered inappropriate??
What is the criteria for being vulgar?

The thing is… because AKB has been losing momentum gradually and decreasing sales, they’ve gone back to basics.

Obviously this is Akimoto’s intention to make the general audience furious about Panty Flips as he intentionally made Gingham Check’s costume very similar to Nogizaka’s ones in Oide Shampoo.

I remember that once Takamina said, shedding tears, “I was so frustrated when people called us ‘Panty Flip group’” in a documentary program…

AKB’s documentary to commemorate their winning of Nihon Record Taisho in Kin-Sma



Togasaki, the former manager of hostess clubs stated that AKB started from Akimoto-san’s words  “We are to create a hostess club featuring Stage performances”


You know, they have a song called “Skirt Hirari”… I was horrified when I first saw their performance of the song in some TV music show…. coz….. theywere exactly that, a “Panty Flip group”….