Shinoda Mariko (jokingly) refused Katayama Haruka to join team A (Takajo Aki';s birthday) party

  September 30, 2012
Shinoda Mariko 18:43

Dear members of team A ( *`ω´) How about holding a team A party on Tuesday for the first time in a long time, if (nothing will be changed and) full members really gather up?(^-^)/



Will Tomu and Wakanyan also join the party?

Though this is not Senitansai, she said full members? What's going on with team A?

Probably the 2nd reformation will take place soon, or Akichan and Lovetan's transfer is approaching….?

I guess it's just because it's so rare to have full members gather together. And surpsiringly this Mokugekisha stage on Tuesday does have full members, so she figured it's a good chance.
Acchan may join the party as if it was a matter of course… LOL

And Akicha and Gon's sent-off party is approaching, isn't it?

A little while ago, Takamina said there left not much stage for the current team A.
Though I'm not sure whether she was talking about team A or only about Akicha and Harugon, overseas members.

Shinoda Mariko 9/29 18:48

Many people answer “Yeah, it's okay for me!” though they're not members~~~~ LOL
Shinoda Mariko 9/29 18:54

What shall we eatー?( *`ω´)

Matsubara Natsumi 19:07

The filming for the Janken single finished for today~q(^-^q)

It was so much fun☆+゜

Shinoda Mariko 9/29 19:16

Nattsumi~n( *`ω´) I'm in front of you.


Tomu joined the previous team A party, but if they will hold the party again, then it's gonna be the first time for Wakanyan.

Kuramochi Asuka 20:06

I wanna hold team A party with everyone of the team(♡˙︶˙♡)

I reallly love team A♡
I must cherish

the time that I can be with the current members.

Kuramochi Asuka 9/29 20:33

I gotta celebrate Otamaru (Takajo Aki)'s birthday, too!(๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥ (*Oct 3rd)

Matsubara Natsumi 20:54

It's team A party~q(^-^q)

Mari-chan is taking a leadership role in it☆

Mari-chan gave me hand-me-down three fashion magazines~

I was reading through the magaiznes silently ^^

Shinoda Mariko 9/29 21:01

I love magazines( *`ω´)


Mariko-sama likes Nattsumi~, so much, just like always ^^

Nakagawa Haruka 19:56

Marichan said let's have a team A party!(^-^)/

I want it, I want to have the party!

Coz I love team A so much, it makes me sooo happy to go out to have meals with themー♪

What shall we eatー?^^

Coz I can be happy enought just by being with everyone, anything isfine for meー♪Haha

I can't wait for Oct 2th~!

Takajo Aki 9/29 20:17

Takajo AKi


Let's celebrate Otamaru's birthday (at the party)~(๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥


At first, Akicha and Mocchi wasn't included in this Mokugekisha's cast.

↑That's it! This is AKicha's birthday party!

Katayama Haruka 19:53

Oops…. I don't know how to share G+ post….


I do want to join the team A party(♡´▽`♡)

Shinoda Mariko 9/29 19:54

But I reject you( *`ω´)


Actually she replied quite fast LOL

I thought this is a fanmade parody of Chintomo-san's tweet to her gay friend, but LOL, It's real!!



Katayama Haruka 9/29 20:12

I was refused( ꒪⌓꒪)
(to join) The team A party that has been long anticipated by everyone♪

Katayama Haruka 9/29 20:13

Whatever the thing is, I will join it at any cost!!


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  1. random says:

    Maritroll is back XD
    gotta love Mariko-sama, she always held a birthday party for AKB members, even yasusu…