Which Female Group is Nogizaka46? → Many people mistook SKE48 with Nogizaka46

  September 29, 2012

Something weird happened during the today's broadcast of All Star Kansyasai Quiz (オールスター感謝祭クイズ). And it's stirred up a fuss among 48 group fans.
When a quiz asking of total 4 pictues of different female groups, which one Nogizaka is, was asked to TV personalities gathered at the show, the surprising number of people couldn't answer correctly.
The below pictures show the “astounding” result.

It's also a probelm that as many as 12 people chose AKB48… LOL

Probably for most of people, all of these 4 groups are AKB48, and don't even bother to care tiny details, say SKE 48 is different from AKB48. It's just too complicating and too d

istant concept from people's daily life.

Nogizaka 46? I guess they market themselves as Pure and Innocent”

Which MV looks pure and innocent?

This one = Kiss datte Hidarikiki!!

↑That's it LOL

MV was played only 5 seconds. Besides, it's muted. It's hard to answer correctly even for light fans.

I think if AKB48's PV didn't show Oshima Yuko, many more poeple voted for 4…..

Looks like they deliberately picked a scene of distant shot, and major members closeups appeared only the last portion of the footage.
Because this is buzz-in quiz, it's expected that many people answer wrongly.

The first 3 seconds were distant shots,
Next 3 seconds were Yukirin (for AKB) and other groups also had closeups of their members,
The next 3 seconds, AKB's PV was Mayuyu, Milky and Rena's closeup,
For the last 2 seconds, Oshima Yuko appeared.

When they said Nogizaka is the next station of Akasaka in Chiyoda line, I thought they would surely ask a quiz related to Nogizaka46 LOL

Okay guys, let's just see this as a popularity pole! So…. yeah! SKE48 is the most popular group among TV personalities!!




  1. mh says:

    Haha.. yeah well I think you can only tell if you really, really like and know them all. So for people like me this would be too easy. But I can totally understand that people who don’t care as much about them as us, that they don’t get it right.

  2. cryt says:

    You can only tell if you follow the 48 empire, which means you’re up to date on the recent singles for all 48/46 groups.

    I guess most people haven’t been heavily exposed to the PVs, but they recognize some members’ face and names due to TV shows and CMs.