AKB48 Motor Club starring Maeda Atsuko abruptly ended due to Maeda's drinking scandal?

  October 3, 2012

I watched the show several times, and I felt it lacks the footage in the driving school.
They needed to show scenes where she is actually driving…

Probably the content of the program was totally different from what sponsor expected, and despite they asked to improve it, it wasn't improved at all.
Then the drinking scandal came up which delivered the final blow to the show….

Not only Toyota, but all car companies take drinking very seriously.

Probably the program got tons of claims from viewers….

She completely lacks the professional attitude.
How come a sane person doesn't even take care so that she won't get drunk when she is starring a driving related TV show sponsored solely by a car company….
Probably, she doesn't even know drink driving is considered a socially unjust conduct well enough.

It's understandable…. it's hard for TV company to choose a person with an image of being drunk as their PR face…..



  1. sanc says:

    It’s understandable. Even if most her fans didn’t take the so-called ‘scandal’ seriously, heavily drunk people always look stupid and easily attracts dangerous things to them. That includes Maeda Atsuko.

  2. RichiEe San says:

    wow . .
    very miss acchan >.<