THIS IS WEIRD!! AKB48 Calendar 2013 + 2 more on Watanabe Miyuki, and Hirata Rina's bonus Movie

  October 22, 2012

1. Watanabe Miyuki's first Nationwide TV ad “Nanten Nodoame” (Nanten Throat Candy)

2. Hirata Rino present Gorgeous Bonus Footage of 30 seconds English Lesson ♥

3. THIS IS WEIRD!! AKB48 Calendar 2013

TV Commercial

Making Footage

Side Story of Making Footage

Tokiwa Pharmaceutical often use 48 group members as PR face for their products!! Thank you so much!!

Sashihara Rino – Nameraka Honpo (Over all Brand) – Soy Milk Isofurabon facial lotion

JKT48 -Nameraka Honpo (Whitening line)

This outstanding presence of BBA…..

Just so cute…..

I prefer featuring only one member to featuring many members in one commercial, which usually ends up with a messed up final product.

NMB, HKT….. sister groups are thriving! Wait! What about SKE48!?!?

So NMB48 will have 3 nationwide commercials….

Nanten Throat Candy → Milky

Photobook battle → Milky or Sayanee

Round One → Kitagawa Jenji Senbatsu (北川謙二選抜)

Samurai Edge →  ?

(Fanmade video of Roundone ~ Kitagawa Kenji ver.)

Solo commercial that is aired nationwide!!!??? That's awesome! Milky will be known to far more people!!

She is definitely cute in the commercial, but the quality of commercial is…..

She is cute, but she reads lines in monotone…

Finally ChapuChapu monster has unveiled her true potential!!!

Actually it's a good season for ChapuChapu! Let's get the commercial for bath additive!!!

This sheer contrast…

It's nothing new that Sashihara and Milky are look alike, which is laughable to me, but for exectives of Tokiwa Pharmaceutical, maybe they look like each other?

But why Milky's solo?

↑It's an offer from the company.

I think this is tremendous!

Despite the fact she is still not known to the general public at all, she make an appearance in nationwide tv ad solo…

How much this girl is expected by management, or I should say Yoshimoto…


How many times she says “Nanten Nodoame-chan yade~~”

Her “Yade~” has stuck in my head lol


  1. moofuq says:

    Hahaha this 2013’s calendar is pure shit

  2. Stv Wong says:

    thank god my two top oshi are not in the calendar senbatsu -_-”
    it was pure crap

  3. UZA’s cover is better than this

  4. rick cea says:

    Luv Hilary’s vids.