Amazing Attack On Titan Cosplay by AKB48 Members

  August 3, 2015

There’s something about beautiful girls cosplaying as bad-ass Anime characters that appeal and grab attention. Check it out some of your favorite idols look rebellious as they are dressed as characters from Anime ‘Attack On Titan’!

Amazing Attack On Titan Cosplay of AKB48 Idols

  • Takahashi Minami as a garrison soldier

  • Tsuzuki Rika as Armin

  • Furukawa Airi feeding on Takayanagi Akane

  • Furukawa Airi (Levi) serving food to SKE48 girls

  • Matsui Rena as Titan demolishing the mankind

  • Iwata Karen as Mikasa Ackerman

  • Furukawa Airi (Levi) beating the crap out of Takayanagi Akane (Eren)

  • Furukawa Airi, Takeuchi Mai, and Kizaki Yuria

  • Oya Masana as Deviant Type Titan Creeping From Behind Tsuzuki Rika

  • Furukawa Airi snuggles AOT Levi plushy

  • Matsui Titan Rena feeding on Furukawa Human Airi

  • Takahashi Minami appears to be losing too much blood in the set of live-action ‘Attack on Titan’