Saw Her Name For The First Time In The Ranking, How Members Reacted?

  May 23, 2012

In the early result, some members who’ve participated all elections but had never had their names in the ranking finally made their ways to the ranking for the first time!! Though it’s an early result and the ranking will change over 2weeks until the final day, last night was unforgettable day for them as they saw fans’ support in the number for the first time.
Today, as we have G+, they were quick to response and showed their gratitude to fans with their own taste added to it.

Umechan placed 14th, which is the highest among DiVA members, and in this early result, she is higher than all other SKE48 and NMB48 members except Jurina and Rena. This is the first time in top-16 for her.

Umechan on G+

“I’m so surprised.
Though it’s an early result, I felt the warmth from all of you today.
Thank you so much.
And as for me, I just keep the way I am, just keep looking forward.
More haste, less speed.”

Nakayan, now the symbolic Non-Senbatsu member, finally appeared in the ranking…. !! She is not just on the ranking but she is even in top-40!!

Sayaka Nakaya on G+


“It’s a too big number for Nakaya….
But I’m really grateful to you…. I’m really happy.
Thank you so much.
And I’m sorry…
that I posted a weird post… I was too high…
36th 1,348 votes….
The number of your heartful feelings….
I want to keep this….
I should calm down…..
Anyway I’ll sleep. Good night~~~~!”

Wasamin placed 45th, but of course, this number would not enough to make her name on the ranking if this was last year where only names of top-40 were announced, so… as she’s joined all previous elections, she is still ambitions!

Misaki Iwasa on G+

“I saw the early result! I’m happy for the fact the I could see my name!! It’s my first time!
Thank you so much everyone… I can really feel your love! I feel too much that I even feel sorry for you!!
I want to repay you!”

“I’ll definitely make it!!”

“I don’t want “Out of ranking” anymore!!!”

“I really hope that…. I won’t rank down from here!!”

(Another) Warota member Ayarin placed 61th, but of course everyone includes her believe that she should and can be higher!!

Ayaka Kikuchi on G+

My name… my name is on it!!! (sob..)
To everyone who voted for me… thank you so much!!
But it’s just an early result.
I don’t stop being ambitious!
I will go for the higher place!!”

Tanamin placed lucky 64th, the best place for her, I guess, as it allowed her making fun of her ranking lightly.

Miku Tanabe on G+

“LOL On this kind of day….
I went to the concert of my dear Noel Gallagher-sama!!
I was shaking at Budo-Kan!!
Before the heated up body still cooled down,
I saw the early result, which I’d been caring about in some part of my heart…
Then… I had a bloody nose lol lol

“Not alone!! I was with my friend!!!!!”

As expected, Haachan’s name is also on the list of early result. She looks like also uneasy about where her name will be on the final day…!!!!

Haruka Katayama on G+

“51th in the early result!! Thank you so much!!
6th June…. what my result will be….?”

Kana Kobayashi placed 43th is sharing her happy moment with Minegishi (her leek).

Kana Kobayashi on G+

“Early result was announced… 43th and 1,110 votes… Thank you so much…. I was almost shedding tears… How happy the moment when name was called…. Thank you sooooo much!”

Minegishi… today was a really nice day…
*Minegishi is the name of leeks that KK is growing at her home.”

Misato Nonaka, a member whose name is used for the title of ongoing nationwide tour of AKB48, placed 60th, and saw her name in the ranking list for the first time.

Misato Nonaka on G+


“It may still change a lot… but.. I’m just happy that I could find my name… Thank you so much…”
After this, Micha held question time on G+ with her fans til 2AM…

Milky, a girl who usually throw devilish sweet words to fans on G+, expressed her sincere gratitude to fans.

Milky on G+

Sousenkyo… early result… 19th…. Thank you… Thank you so much…”

“I got back home.
Every vote from you touched my heart…
Thank you so much.
I was called my name in the early result last year….
But my name wasn’t there on the final day…
I couldn’t live up to your expectations….

I am filled with uneasiness as I think about the last year…
But…. I don’t want to be satisfied with this early result..
I’ve been stating that my goal is to sing the title track of AKB48’s 27th single…!
So, I want to overcome my uneasiness!!!
I want to be in Senbatsu!!
But…. I’ll never feel pressed….
I will never forget the way I am, and try my best!!

Milky then took a bath and continued the exchange with fans (or her devilish flirting?) until 2:30AM
Milk to Miyuki o Mazeru dake….  Attoiumani… lol (=Milky’s catch phrase)”